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Sam Thompson says he can’t wait to start pranking sister Louise again once she gives birth

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Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson is grinning from ear-to-ear as he reveals to new! the recent tricks that he’s played on his girlfriend Zara McDermott.

The 29-year-old regularly keeps his social media followers updated on the pranks he pulls on Zara, from peeling her fake eyelashes off while she sleeps, to covering her in baking soda.

And overhearing our cheeky conversation, we soon hear Zara, 24, laughing during our Zoom call to Sam. “You have to sleep with one eye open in this household,” she jokes.

The smitten pair have faced their fair share of hurdles in their relationship and briefly split last year. But it’s clear from their sweet interactions and playful nature that they’re now stronger than ever.

Here, Sam opens up on his romance with the former Love Island star, his ongoing bromance with Pete Wicks, and how he feels about becoming an uncle very soon…

Hi Sam! You and Zara are currently renovating your home. That’s a big project to tackle – how’s it going?

It’s killing us! We’re doing a short let at the moment and living out of suitcases. We’re on top of each other a lot, but we haven’t argued, which is great.

So the two of you are still going strong, then?

Yes. I always think it must be pretty hard going out with me, especially with the pranks, so the fact Zara puts up with me is amazing. She really is The One.

Do you still like to prank your sister, Louise?

I don’t now that she’s pregnant. Mainly because of Instagram and people saying, “You better not do that to Louise now she’s pregnant.” So she has a little break now, a nice holiday from the pranks, but they will be back. When Louise is tired and she’s been up all night with the baby crying, that’s when I’ll strike again.

Are you excited about becoming an uncle?

I’m terrified! When I look after Louise’s dogs I can give them back and be like, “Well, that was fun.” When I get a baby to look after it’s going to be different and you need to give the baby back in one piece and make sure that you haven’t done anything like drop him or her.

We’re sure you’ll do a great job. Will you be a cool uncle?

I’d like to think I’ll be a cool uncle, but you can’t prank a baby, can you? I have to be careful because I’ve spent my whole life pranking my girlfriend, sister and Pete [Wicks], so when the baby comes along I’m going to have to wait a little bit. I have already had some baby-holding lessons to help me prepare for the arrival.

Do you ever get backlash on social media from the pranks you do?

All the time. People moan about my pranks all the time.

You have a really playful relationship with Pete Wicks. How did you both meet?

I met him on Celebs Go Dating – I remember looking at him across the room and thinking, “Wow, what a sexy b*****d.”
I just wouldn’t let him leave, and any time there was a chance of a double date I told the producers I wanted to be with him. I stuck to him like glue. I told him, “You’re going nowhere.” Now, three years later, he’s just accepted that he’s here to stay.

Pete always seems frustrated during your pranks – is he really as annoyed as he looks?

Yes, he’s actually annoyed because he doesn’t get the pranks. He thinks they’re lame and he really doesn’t find them funny. The fact that he doesn’t find them funny is what makes me laugh so much. I tell him to just get on with it.

You and Pete seem to have a great bromance…

We really do. There are very few times you see a Pete Wicks smile, but when you get it, it’s amazing. There’ll be times when he’s about to put the phone down and I’ll tease him and say, “Tell me you love me” and sometimes I’ll get him to say it.

Pranking aside, have you had the chance to go on holiday this year yet?

I haven’t been away yet, no. There’s no point really and I’m not ready, but now things have started opening up I’m going to start going away more and make some plans. Beforehand, it was a bit touch and go and you didn’t really know what was going to happen so I avoided going away.

You’ve teamed up with to unveil every breakfast-lover’s dream job – the world’s first Chief Buffet Officer. Tell us more…

I am the kind of guy who will rinse the breakfast buffet – I’m a go-up three-timer! I go up, then revolve and then go
back again for more. I make friends at the breakfast buffet because I’m there so much. is offering the dream job, with £5,000 to go and eat breakfast around the world, what a dream.

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