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Sarah Ferguson admits she ‘doesn’t miss’ Diana for sweet reason

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Sarah Ferguson remembered her good friend, the late Princess Diana, as she spoke with Kelly Clarkson about their memories on Clarkson’s chat show. But the Duchess admitted she doesn’t miss the late princess because “she’s with me all day”.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show recently as she looked back on her life as a royal. 

Chat turned to remembering her good friend Princess Diana, as she reminisced their sweet memories. 

Following Diana’s tragic death in 1997, Ferguson revealed the reason why she doesn’t mourn the Princess. 

She explained: “Of course everyone says to me, ‘but you must miss Diana’, and I go, no because I mean she’s with me all day.”

She continued: “She [Diana] and I laughed a lot … we got into trouble a lot.”

Ferguson revealed that the Princess used to tell her “the worst joke story” moments before she “had to be serious”, referring to times she would have to attend important meetings. 

The Duchess also recalled the time she and Diana got themselves into so much trouble they ended up in handcuffs.

Before Ferguson tied the knot with her former husband Prince Andrew, she celebrated her “hen party” with Diana.

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Ferguson and Diana dressed up as police officers, however, they did not realise their impersonation would later get the two in trouble. 

She recalled: “We sat down, and the waiter came up to us and said, ‘excuse me, this is a members club … it’s for fun and we don’t serve police officers here’.”

The pair then left the club and Diana forgot she was dressed as a police officer so she didn’t keep in character, which later led to their arrest. 

“We were then arrested … we go in the back of the van,” she continued her story noting that they both turned around their engagement rings once they entered the police van.

Diana, who Ferguson referred to as “Dutch”, then saw the police officers had “smokey bacon flavoured crisps” in the van and “started taking them and eating them”.

According to Ferguson, the police then bellowed at Diana saying: “You can’t do that!” 

She said the officers finally realised they had arrested Princess Diana and Ferguson and hilariously let them go.

The Dutchess then explained again that the two were arrested because they impersonated police officers during Ferguson’s hen party. 

Following Fergueson’s eventful bash, she and Prince Andrew tied the knot and were married for 10 years. 

They split in 1996 after having two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, but have maintained a relationship.

Meanwhile, Princess Diana was married to King Charles III and is mother to Prince Harry and Prince William. 

The Kelly Clarksom show is streaming on Paramount+.

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