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Shall I just go? Maisie Smith threatens to leave Michael McIntyres The Wheel

The Wheel: Maisie Smith asks if she should leave

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The EastEnders star, 20, was shut down for the second time in a row by contestant Joshua. The BBC gameshow sees contestants making their way through different categories with the help of some famous faces, and when it was time to muster up some knowledge about the 60s, Joshua decided the young actress may not be a great help. As comedian Michael McIntyre confirmed Maisie would be out of the round, she asked: “Shall I just go?”

With the 60s, Art and Rugby left on the board, Joshua decided to go with the former option.

“Our expert,” Michael, 45, stated, “is the absolutely fabulous LuLu, she is in gold.”

He asked the singer: “Do you remember a lot about the decade of the 60s? It was a while ago.”

“Do you know,” the 73-year-old replied. “They say if you remember what happened in the 60s, you weren’t having fun.”

“Oh,” commented the host remarked. He added: “Were you having fun? This is key.”

“I had a lot of fun,” LuLu answered. Michael commented: “Oh, dear. It’s not good news I’m afraid.”

He turned back to Joshua and asked: “Now, who are you going to shut down?”

“Erm, sorry Maisie,” Joshua said guiltily. He added: “Sorry duck.”

“I think Maisie’s relatively relieved to be shut down on the category of the 60s,” the presenter stated.

“Shall I just go?” the actress asked, laughing.

“Please don’t leave us!” the comedian said, adding: “I’m nervous about these two shutdowns.”

“Alright then,” Maisie replied, as a red light around her indicated she was shut down.

It came as Joshua previously shut down Maisie during the housekeeping round, in which comedian Tom Allen was there to lend expertise on.

justifying his choice, Joshua explained: “I’m just going to go for Maisie because I feel like you will have lived at home a little more recently than everyone else.”

“I’m a teenager, I’m a bit gross,” the Tiffany Butcher star joked.

During the next round, the wheel ended up landing on singer Michael Ball, who was able to assist and help Joshua secure £37,000.

“Very, very good,” Michael stated. “Two categories left. Are you going to go for Art or Rugby?”

Joshua opted for Art and shut down rugby player Joe Marler this time.

Unfortunately, the wheel ended up landing on Joe, meaning Joshua’s run on the wheel was over.

Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel airs Saturdays at 8pm on BBC One.

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