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Sharon Osbourne fires back as husband Ozzy claims he ‘wasn’t a big cheater’

Ozzy Osbourne has opened up about his infidelities during his marriage to Sharon Osbourne, admitting his womanising ways were "part of the job".

The former Black Sabbath frontman downplayed his cheating antics during a chat with his other half, claiming he was "not a big cheater".

But Sharon refuted his claims, blasting the singer, exclaiming "you were a f***ing great cheater", before reeling off a whole list of what he got up to.

The tense conversation plays out in a new no-holds-barred US TV documentary about Ozzy’s rock n' roll life.

"I wasn’t a great cheater anyway", Ozzy admitted, but Sharon hit back: "You were a f***ing great cheater. you ****.

"You f***ed all our friends, all the f***ing staff, then you came to me and f****d every groupie there was in the world."

Ozzy chipped in: "Well that was part of the job. That was an occupational hazard."

He then laughed before walking away from the cameras.

Sharon discussed the infancy stages of their relationship which began on his 1980 solo tour while Ozzy was still married to his first wife Thelma Riley.

"We were really kind of thrown together but it wasn’t until August of 1980 that we actually had a relationship going."

However, the former X Factor judge confessed that she only thought it would be one night of passion with the musician, and was expected to be treated like a groupie.

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She added: "And I thought it’s going to be the usual thing that had happened in my past that you know, you go with a bloke, you f** him one night and the next day he doesn’t know you. Like it was before."

Sharon also touched upon Ozzy's dependence on drink and drugs during Black Sabbath's heyday, explaining that he wasn't funny once he'd hit the booze.

"If he would see a guy in a frock he would have f***ed it – that is the way he is when he is drunk and loaded," she concluded.

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