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'sMothered' Pair Hits Back at Backlash, Accuse You of Doing Something Way Grosser Than Sharing Bath Water (Exclusive)

Angelica and Sunhe also open up about the online abuse they’ve received since the show’s premiere.

"sMothered" pair Angelica and Sunhe caught a lot of flack for their bathing habits on the TLC show — but they insist it’s no worse than anyone who uses a public swimming pool.

The super-close mom and daughter pair are defending their practice of conserving water, insisting it’s merely part of their Asian culture.

"I think people are just not educated on it," Angelica said. "We don’t just jump in a bath all dirty, filthy. We take a shower somewhere else, clean off, and then go into the bath."

"We have two tubs in our house so… we shower first, and then we go in for a soak," her mom added. "What is wrong with that? It’s just a quick dip after we’ve already showered."

"It’s Korean culture. It’s Japanese culture," Sunhe continued. "There’s nothing wrong with the way we do things."

The duo said they’ve already received a lot of abuse online because of their water-saving practice and the fact they share a bed sometimes, with trolls even labeling them "incestuous." Angelica said "nothing is creepy" about their actions, with Sunhe calling anyone who sees it as something sexual "sick."

"They need to check themselves because what about those people who go to the Jacuzzis, or the swimming pools?" Sunhe pointed out. Angelica added: "With people they don’t know whatsoever."

"Do they even shower?" Sunhe asked.

"I guarantee they don’t shower," Angelica answered.

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