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Soul cast: Who plays the Jerrys in Soul? What is ‘Jerry’?

Soul: Jamie Foxx stars in trailer for Disney Pixar film

Soul is a film with a big concept and a lot of heart. In it, Jamie Foxx’s Joe Gardner is caught trying to escape death, landing him in a place called The Great Before. In this area of the Afterlife he meets some mysterious figures- but who are the Jerrys?

Who plays the Jerrys in Soul?

The Jerrys are afterlife beings which help to prepare souls for their time on Earth.

They usher new souls into a special mentoring programme, where old souls help them to learn about what makes them excited for life.

As well as that, they also determine the personalities of the new souls, turning some into happy, kind people and giving others some very different characteristics.

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The young souls are also set up with their mentors, which is where Joe (voiced by Jamie Foxx) meets 22 (Tina Fey,) a soul who has her personality in place but struggles to get excited by the idea of life, despite having some incredibly famous mentors.

The Jerrys are pretty interesting characters, as they are both trying to be kind to new souls while also getting their jobs done.

But who provides the voices for these characters?

The two Jerrys who are involved in the main story of Soul are Richard Ayoade and Alice Braga.

Richard is a famous UK actor whose work has been on TV and in film.

He played Moss in The IT Crowd, for which he won a BAFTA TV Award, and has been a TV presenter of The Crystal Maze, Gadget Man and Travel Man.

Alice Braga is a Brazilian actress who made her name in Brazilian movies before she had a role in Will Smith vehicle I Am Legend in 2007.

Since then, she has been in movies such as Repo Men, Elysium and The Shack.

The Jerrys seem to be truly in charge of the afterlife, however there are other beings who are also trying to make things work: the accountants.

The accountants, who go by Terry (voiced by Rachel House), are trying to count up the souls heading to The Great Beyond, which is the next stage for those who die.

While the Jerrys may be focusing their time in the ‘beforelife,’ Terry is the one who is in charge of the afterlife, and becomes concerned when Joe seems to miss out on his spot in The Great Beyond, only to sneak into The Great Before.

Jerry tries to put off Terry from his searching, and eventually sends him to a huge room full of filing cabinets, which include information on all the souls to ever move through the universe.

Jerry toys with Terry, jokingly being interested in his work while actually focusing on their own work.

Eventually, Terry finds Joe, but Jerry once again foils his plans, but fans will need to watch the film in order to see how Jerry’s intervention changes things.

The names Jerry and Terry, as Jerry explains, are used just to make souls find things easier to identify the beings, and they are known as soul counsellors and soul counters respectively.

Soul is out on Disney Plus now

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