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Stacey Solomon bursts into tears reading thank you letters from small businesses she's helped through lockdown

STACEY Solomon burst into tears as she read thank you letters from small businesses she's supported through lockdown.

The mum-of-three, 31, grew emotional after companies told her what a difference her support has made to their fortunes.

Sharing a picture of a scrap book filled with thank you notes, she wrote: "This morning's montage is going to be a bit of a different one today because I received something yesterday & haven't stopped crying since. Honestly it's really made me think about so many things."

She said the feedback filled her with pride and made her sob every time she read it.

Stacey regularly tags small businesses on Instagram so that her 3.8million followers can check them out.

It has helped many thrive in difficult financial circumstances amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She continued: "And now I need to stop reading this book. I know there's so many business that are struggling that I haven't got round to mentioning or discovering so I'll keep sharing as many as I can."

Not only is Stacey helping businesses succeed, but she's prospering herself.

The Sun recently revealed her company Key May Entertainments' net worth was a staggering £1,373,246 as of June 30 – an impressive £484,483 more than the private firm's £888,763 in 2019.

The popular TV star, who found fame on 2009's X Factor, set the performing arts firm up in 2012.

Accounts show it paid £208,644 in Corporation Tax, meaning that before costs and expenses deducted, the firm raked in £1,581,890.

Within these assets, Stacey's company held a whopping £1,097,724 in cash, while her investments were calculated at £171,759 and the firm was owed £312,407.


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