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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Visitors Are Stealing Stuff and Reselling It for Bank


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has been drawing huge crowds since it opened at Disneyland weeks ago, and with that comes the usual: long lines, hot tempers, and stolen stuff.
Exclusive goods sold at the theme park almost immediately began appearing on eBay. Now, so are  items that weren’t meant to leave Galaxy’s Edge.
As pointed out in the Orange County Register, these collectibles “didn’t have a price tag and weren’t nailed down” and should never have left the park.
One example is a pilot assignment card for the ride Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. These color-coded cards are handed out by staff to determine who will operate which part of the ship during the mission. They should be returned, yet one is listed on eBay for $400.
The laminated menus for Oga’s Cantina have also shown up on eBay, even more the theme park’s official opening. The OC Register reports that staff now hand out the menus more selectively and collect them quickly after visitors order.
Other items that are being resold are actually available for purchase by visitors to Galaxy’s Edge. Legacy Lightsabers are sold at the park for $100 to $200, but but resell for hundreds on eBay.

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