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Stay Close star Cush Jumbo completely battered while preparing for Netflix drama

Stay Close is the next Harlan Coben novel to be transformed into a Netflix drama as part of the author’s five-year deal with the streaming service. Starring the likes of Cush Jumbo, Richard Armitage, Sarah Parish and James Nesbitt, Stay Close follows their characters’ seemingly ordinary lives until an incident causes their pasts to catch up with them. The drama will premiere in full on Friday, December 31, on Netflix.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Stay Close.

Actress Jumbo is probably best known for starring as attorney Lucca Quinn in the CBS legal drama The Good Wife.

She also went on to star in the spin-off series on CBS All Access, The Good Fight, but now she is the star of Stay Close on Netflix.

Jumbo portrays Megan, a mother-of-three who is gearing up to marry their dad and her long-term partner Dave Shaw (Daniel Francis).

Little does he know that his bride-to-be used to be a very different person.

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While she is seen as a typical soccer mum, Megan had a difficult upbringing.

This in turn led to her becoming a stripper at the nightclub Vipers when she was younger.

She believed this part of her life was firmly put behind her but soon enough the days of her youth begin to catch up with Megan who then went by her real name, Cassie.

In order to get ready for the role, actress Jumbo needed to learn how to be a pole dancer.

In some series, actors use doubles for scenes such as this but instead, the 36-year-old was eager to jump in herself but that did mean getting plenty of bruises in the process.

Speaking to press, including, Jumbo said: “[Pole dancing] is really hard! I said to Harlan [Coben, creator] that I wanted to get it right and hadn’t intended to have my head superimposed on a really good body double, although maybe that might have been better.

“I haven’t seen the dancing yet so I don’t know how it came out but it was actually really fun.

“I got to learn at two different schools over three months, a tonne of pole dancing and pole fitness.”

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Jumbo continued: “It’s really hard, my legs were completely battered, it was not glamourous.

“I did a lot of falling down the pole before I started to look anywhere near good but I love learning new skills.

“I came out of it really excited about the pole and now you can’t get me down the high street without swinging around a lamp post.

“I absolutely love it, I want one [a pole] in my new house!”

Stay Close will be released in full on New Year’s Eve on Netflix.

All eight hour-long episodes are going to be dropped in one go so subscribers won’t have to wait to binge-watch the limited series.

But how will Megan react when the past she was trying to forget suddenly catches up with her?

Stay Close will premiere on Friday, December 31, on Netflix. 

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