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Stephen Colbert rips Eric Trump – and his appearance – in scathing ‘Late Show’ monologue

Stephen Colbert is not mincing words when it comes to Eric Trump.

The late night host, 55, ripped President Trump’s second eldest son on the “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Wednesday, referring to Eric as the “dullest knife in the Republican drawer.”

Colbert targeted Eric’s physical appearance, too, rapping that has “big gums and he cannot lie” to the tune of Sir Mix a Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” while a picture of Trump’s 35-year-old son appeared on screen.

The comedian’s taunts stemmed from Eric’s appearance on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday, after the House formally condemned President Trump’s inflammatory tweets saying four minority Democratic congresswoman should “go back” to their own countries.

Eric claimed that 95 percent of Americans support President Trump.

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Stephen Colbert (left) and Eric Trump (right). (Photo: The Associated Press)

While pulling his top lip up to reveal all of his teeth, Colbert mockingly mimicked Eric: “95 percent is behind my dad, OK? You better check my math.”

The studio audience cheered as Colbert continued his impersonation.

“He lost the popular vote, OK? Lowest approval rating of all time and – it’s a bunny! Hi, Mr. Bunny!” Colbert’s Eric said while pointing at his two fingers, suggesting that the president’s son has a short attention span. “Dad, can I keep him? Wait, come back, come back Mr. Bunny!”  

Colbert’s diss starts at the 5:20 mark. 

Eric hasn’t responded to Colbert’s diss yet, but he did double down on his claim that nearly all Americans support his father’s tweets.

“America is absolutely behind my fathers message – ‘if you hate our country, you are free to leave.’ America is the greatest country in the world (it’s not even close) and we are all incredibly fortunate!” Eric tweeted. 

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Many have condemned Trump’s tweets as racist, including author Stephen King who asked, “The armbands come next right?”

Trump has since tripled down on his comments, tweeting Tuesday, “I don’t have a racist bone in my body!” 

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