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‘Stop pushing!’ Bradley Walsh blasted by The Chase fans over low offer advice

The Chase: Jenny calls contestant 'very brave' for money choice

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Bradley Walsh welcomed four new contestants onto The Chase on Monday afternoon. Tracy, Steph, Tony, and Charlie were the players taking on Chaser Jenny Ryan in a bid to win a cash prize. The first player to take on The Vixen was medical student Charlie. However, viewers of the ITV quiz show hit out at host Bradley when he attempted to offer Charlie some advice.

Charlie struggled to get things going in his cash builder round as a number of questions were about subjects from before he was born.

Bradley pointed out that Charlie was unlucky, highlighting that some of the questions were “tricky” for a young person.

However, the student did still manage to secure himself £3,000 after providing three correct answers.

Charlie next had to face Chaser Jenny, but she offered him an easier route back to the team.

Jenny offered the contestant the opportunity to reduce his prize money down to just £300 in exchange for an extra step head start.

Bradley turned to the rest of the contestants, asking them what they thought Charlie should do.

Tracy said: “Well you did quite well in the cash-builder there. Like you said a few of them were a bit before you were born.

“I think just stick with the three,” she added, encouraging Charlie to play for his £3,000.

Bradley next asked Steph for her opinion and she remarked: “Stick with what you’ve earned.”

“If you’re feeling a bit unsure go for the £300 and make sure you get back to us,” Steph commented.

Tony chimed in: “I can’t remember anything after [the year] 2000 so we definitely need the youth.

“Three is a good foundation to build on,” he said, also urging Charlie to stick with his £3,000.

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After listening to each contestant’s views, Bradley asked Charlie: “What do you reckon Chas?”

The student replied: “I’m just going to go for the £3,000 please Brad.”

However, before locking in his decision, Bradley attempted to persuade Charlie to take the lower offer.

He said: “Okay. Bearing in mind how tricky the chase-builder questions were, you’ve only got to get two questions that are out of your age range and you’re in trouble.”

“£300 is a plus, so think about it,” the quiz host said.

However, viewers were angry at Bradley for suggesting Charlie should take the lower offer and took to Twitter to air their frustrations.

“Stop pushing him to take the £300 #TheChase,” one viewer wrote.

Another fumed: “Bradley, put a cork firmly in it and keep it there where the lower offers are concerned. #thechase.”

“Bradley Walsh, were you just trying to convince Charlie to go low?! #TheChase,” a third commented.

In the end, Charlie chose to ignore Bradley’s advice and stick with the cash he’d built up: “It’s going to have to be £3,000 I think Brad. I’m going to brave it.”

“Fair enough. Three grand is good,” Bradley replied.

Jenny said: “Very brave. We’ll soon find out if that was the right decision.”

However, unfortunately, Charlie would have been better off listening to Bradley as he was soon knocked out of the competition after being caught by Jenny.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5 pm on ITV.

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