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Stuart confronts Callum and Ben over their love in EastEnders

Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) wants answers in tonight’s visit to EastEnders, having witnessed an intimate moment between his brother Callum (Tony Clay) and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden). After Halfway had been left crushed by the bigotry and violence from his father, Ben was understanding towards him, given that he can relate to never meeting the expectations of his dad Phil (Steve McFadden).

After a heart to heart, Ben kissed Callum tenderly on the cheek and clutched his hand comfortingly. The moment left Callum even more confused about where his heart lies – he loves Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) but he knows deep down that he is gay and deeply falling for Ben.

Stuart watched the moment unfold with shock and tonight, he walks into The Prince Albert to see Halfway reluctantly dressed up to work a shift for the Pride Event. He sits Callum down and tells him what he saw – pressing on the fact that it was clear that they were more than just friends.

As Ben enters the venue, Stuart squares up to him but Callum’s reaction appears to tell him everything he needs to know. Will Callum open up to Stuart and reveal his true feelings for Ben or will he try to cover it up?

And will Stuart support his decision or be left horrified that he could lose his future with Whitney?

EastEnders continues on Friday 5th July at 8:30pm on BBC One.

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