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Taylor Swift Fans Clamoring for 'SNL' Tickets

“Nobody is leaving me alone about it,” the comedian said

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Taylor Swift’s fans need to calm down. That’s the word from Pete Davidson and Seth Meyers who say they’ve been inundated with ticket requests ahead of Swift’s appearances on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Nov. 11 and “Saturday Night Live” as musical guest on Nov. 13.

The “King of Staten Island” actor stopped by “Late Night” Monday and the two got to talking about Swift, who returns to “SNL” for the fifth time as musical guest, and is set to drop her latest re-recorded album “Red (Taylor’s Version)” on Nov. 12 at midnight.

“I want to ask this, Saturday’s musical guest, Taylor Swift,” Meyers began and immediately got cheers from the audience. “We have her on [“Late Night with Seth Meyers”] Thursday, and it’s very rare for this to happen to me, but people have reached out and said, ‘I’d love to come Thursday.’ Friends of mine.”

“Have you had that happen with Taylor coming on Saturday?” Meyers asked Davidson.

“Oh yeah. All of a sudden, all my cousins are just like [asking me],” Davidson said.

“You realize there’s just … You think everybody who hosts ‘SNL’ is famous until, somebody like Taylor Swift comes through,” Meyers continued. “And then your phone doesn’t stop ringing.”

“Yeah it’s kind of ridiculous,” Davidson added. “Nobody is leaving me alone about it.”

“I just tell everybody I don’t have, they don’t give me tickets. Because I cause problems,”Davidson quipped, making the crowd laugh. “And nobody ever — what’s sad is nobody ever questions it. You know what I mean?”

In addition to her re-recorded album — which includes 30 songs — Swift will be introducing the 10 minute extended version of her popular ballad “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” to the world soon, AND she has directed a short film starring herself, Dylan O’Brien (“The Maze Runner”) and “Stranger Things” actress Sadie Sink. Along with the album, both the ballad and the short film are expected to drop Thursday at midnight.

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