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Teen Mom Bristol Palin admits she got a tummy tuck & shows off scars from procedure which she called 'the worst pain'

TEEN Mom Bristol Palin admitted she got a tummy tuck 'years ago' & showed off the scars from procedure which she called 'the worst pain' on Instagram.

The mom of three proudly made the confession as she lifted up her sweatshirt to expose her noticeably toned stomach.

Bristol captioned the post: "Way [too] easy to compare ourselves on here, just a reminder not to."

The Dancing with the Stars alum then gave fans an even closer look at her slim figure, revealing her scars from a tummy tuck she received "years ago."

She added: "Let's get reeel for a sec.

"I post what I want y'all to see.

"Here's something I don't share…

"…the scar from the tummy tuck I had years ago."

Fans immediately praised the former reality star for her openness and honesty.

One fan commented: "I wish more women would be honest about what they have gone through to 'have the look!'

"So many are grinding and don't understand what they continue to compare themselves to was a different kind of work.

"Thanks for keeping it real!"

Even former Teen Mom costar, Chelsea Houska showed her support by commenting with fire emojis.

And mom, former US Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin chimed in: "Haha I love you!!!"

Although the news of the 29-year-old's tummy tuck is a surprise, fans have watched the real estate agent transform her appearance over the years.

Back in April 2020, the Teen Mom alum revealed that she planned to lose weight after posting photos of herself wearing a black crop top hoodie and biker shorts.

Alongside the photos on her Instagram Stories, she wrote: "Put on some happy pounds and honestly been working out way too much to be this unhappy with how I look.

"I know what I need to do to change it … 'can't outwork a bad diet' is so true … cleaning it all up and holding myself accountable with an at home 30 day challenge from my girl."

The television personality has been known to promote protein powders and "skinny teas" on social media, which she has credited with helping her get back in shape.

Bristol opened up again in September 2020 about really needing to “get back into [her] daily routine” of health and fitness.

While posing in a black T-shirt and faded black jeans, she lifted up the bottom of her top to put her rock-hard abs on display and wrote: "Down the ten lbs that I gained, hollla…(cutting alcohol + tiny tweaks in the diet)."

While recently on a tropical getaway, Bristol shared a vacation snap wearing a neon yellow bikini and a long white coverup, showing off her 10-pound weight loss.

She wore a big straw hat and tied her hair into braided pig tails.

Bristol captioned the tropical shots: "Do u think anyone will notice my gold eye masks?"

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