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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans makes fettuccine Alfredo with cream cheese after she's slammed for feeding kids bacon & gravy

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans made fettuccine Alfredo with cream cheese after fans slammed her for feeding her kids bacon and gravy.

The former reality star recently revealed that her little ones ate a heap of junk food for dinner.

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The 29-year-old took to TikTok to share two parts of herself cooking her chicken Alfredo which starts with Jenelle telling her 6-year-old son Kaiser to "get out" so she could cook.

During the cooking segment viewers are able to see the ingredients that go into the large meal, including real Parmesan cheese… and cream cheese.

However, it's in part two of the segment that Jenelle's kids enjoy the finished meal, as Kaiser takes large bites of the pasta as he nods with approval.

Daughter Ensley then tries the meal as she tells her mother it's "so good." The clip then wraps up with Jenelle trying her own creation.

Jenelle also took to her Instagram Stories to show more of Ensley enjoying the pasta, as she filled up her mouth with a large bite.

Before cooking up a storm, Jenelle was on the social media platform to complain about her children's eating habits, saying: "The kids have already eaten gummies, brownies, popcorn, popsicles and candy in a matter of like 10 minutes.

"I'm sitting here wanting to cook chicken alfredo and I'm like, is it even going to be worth it? Are they even going to eat?

"But then I'm like, I wanna have a good dinner. I'm just going to cook it."

She added: "But they p**sed me off. And yes I feed my kids.

"I'm just like, is it worth it going through a whole big meal when I can just cook them chicken nuggets? I don't know I'm just saying."

All this comes just a few days after the ex MTV star was slammed for feeding her kids another questionable meal.

She told fans in a previous video showing how she kicks off her day: "I cook the kids some breakfast – biscuits with gravy and bacon."

Jenelle then showed Ensley tucking into a large plate for her breakfast and joked: "And they eat five times before this, I'd just like to point out."

However, people weren't happy, as they branded Jenelle as a "horrible mother" and accused her of consistently feeding her kids "unhealthy" meals.

One person wrote on Reddit: "Put a piece of fruit on their plate. My gosh. I swear food is the only comfort those kids get. At least make it a little healthy."

Another added: "She needs to feed her kids healthier meals. This is all I have seen them eat besides a roast Jenelle made once."

Jenelle previously hit out at those who criticized her for eating the classic Southern dish of biscuits and gravy.

The mother of three filmed her entire recipe, which included using butter, sausage, milk, flour and several seasonings.

She was then quick to clap back at the troll who slammed the dish, snapping: "I don't eat this every single morning."

Jenelle shares her youngest Ensley, four, with her husband David Eason, son Kaiser with ex Nathan Griffith, and 11-year-old Jace with ex Andrew Lewis.

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