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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry says ex Javi Marroquin will be a guest on Baby Mamas podcast after pair slam his ex Lauren Comeau

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry said her ex Javi Marroquin will be a guest on her Baby Mamas podcast after the pair slammed his ex Lauren Comeau.

The 29-year-old confirmed the news on Tuesday's episode of the podcast, which she cohosts with her ex Joe Rivera's wife, Vee.

After admitting that she is trying to be "mindful" about what she shares on Teen Mom 2 pertaining to her children and their fathers, Kailyn revealed that Javi will make an appearance on an upcoming episode.

Kailyn told her cohost, "I actually just recorded a podcast with Javi, not related to you at all."

She described her conversation with Javi where he said: "There are people that support us and they may not agree with us but they support us. And then there are the trolls who just bash us."

She continued: "They're not on TV. They don't have to put their stuff out. They can keep it private if they want. And we can too, but that's a choice that we have to make.

"I love sharing my story but there is sacrifice that comes with it," she added.

Kailyn shares seven-year-old, Lincoln with Javi who previously voiced his concerns to his ex-wife about her airing personal details on the show regarding his family – including his ex-fiance Lauren Comeau.

Kail defends Javi

The trio’s latest drama began last week when a source confirmed to The Sun that Javi was the alleged victim during an incident at Lauren's home, in which she allegedly "hit Javi in the face and kicked him multiple times."

In an exclusive statement to The Sun, Lauren claimed: "He made a false accusation & called the police hours after he left my home.

"He came to my home to pick up our son, entered my home after I asked him to not enter my home repeatedly.

"The police issued an investigation, they talked to witnesses & no charges were filed."

Lauren, who shares two-year-old son Eli with Javi, was then blasted by her ex and Kailyn during a recent Instagram Live, where they claimed she was lying about what happened during a recent incident.

While first appearing alone, Kailyn told her followers: "I want to get this off my chest because I’m tired of people truly pulling the victim card and acting like they’re perfect and constantly pointing the finger at other people.

"So Lauren, this one is for you! You don’t get to attack my ex-husband in front of your son and I know that that was true because my husband would never ever ever ever lie about you beating him in front of his son."

The MTV star slammed Javi’s ex for “acting so perfect online” and claimed Lauren's "entire following came from me and my sacrifices and my dirt."

Kailyn the explained her motives for getting involved in the drama, stating: “My son is also affected by this and we’re not going to act like this just never happened."

Once Javi joined the Instagram Live on a separate screen, he said to Kail: “She has all these people fooled. I hope people see who she really is. It’s all a front. It is what it is."

Cohosts reunite

Tuesday's episode of the Baby Mamas No Dramas podcast was the first episode that Kailyn and Vee recorded together since briefly parting ways after the two ended up in an unexpected fight.

At the time, Kailyn explained: "Things have transpired in the past week or so, and so I think I'm going to continue the podcast by myself.

"Baby Mama all drama right now."

On the very same day, Vee shared more from her side of the story.

Referencing her solo episodes, Vee said: "I'm actually doing an episode, so I'll be on Tuesday, it would just be me and my best friend we're going to do an episode.

"Me and Kail decided that we're going to like kinda do episodes separately until we get our s**t together." 

Despite the their feud, the Teen Mom 2 co-stars managed to meet in person last week for "a date," which was filmed by a cameraman before finally reuniting on the podcast this week.

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