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'The Challenge': Jisela Delgado Sets the Record Straight On Whether or Not Alton Williams Is a Married Man

The Challenge: All Stars saw the return of Jisela Delgado. Like many of the competitors, she hadn’t made an appearance on the series in more than a decade. But she quickly became one of the show’s biggest stars on social media, as she consistently live tweets her reactions to every episode.

Her comments often touch on her romance in the house with co-star Alton Williams, who many fans thought was a married man. On a new podcast and in a new Instagram post, Jisela has finally set the record straight.

Jisela Delgado and Alton Williams hooked up on ‘Challenge: All Stars’

During the fifth episode of the season, fans saw Jisela and Alton take their relationship to the next level. The duo got into bed together one night and hooked up.

But after the episode aired, Syrus Yarbrough said on the Challenge Mania Podcast that Alton told him he was in a relationship while shooting All Stars.

“I don’t know about you but I thought he was taken… It is what it is,” Syrus told host Derrick Kosinski.

Does Alton Williams have a wife?

Derrick agreed with Syrus, saying he was under the impression that Alton was in a serious relationship. As one of Alton’s closest friends in the house, Derrick noted that the situation was probably complicated.

“You’re right, he was coming at us in conversation that he had, you know, a very serious significant other at home where things were not really going in the direction that he’d like it to go,” Derrick explained. “But as time went on, I continued these conversations and I don’t know if you did, and ‘wife’ turned into ‘never-been-married.’”

Jisela thought Alton was in a relationship at the beginning of ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

So, how did Alton go from calling someone his “wife” to claiming he’s never been married? Jisela attempted to clear up the confusion during her recent appearance on The Challenge Mania Podcast.

She explained that it was a “Hispanic thing” to refer to your girlfriend as your “wife.” Jisela also confessed that she thought Alton was in a relationship in the beginning. But she says he eventually clarified his situation.

According to Jisela, the woman Alton referred to as his “wife” is actually the mother of his children. She says that the truth is Alton and his baby momma haven’t been together in more than three years.

On her social media, Jisela told fans that Alton is not married. She also made it clear that he didn’t have a girlfriend and wasn’t living with another woman.

He knows she posts about him on social media

Fans have been wondering what’s going on now between Jisela and Alton. And they’ve also wanted to know if Alton was aware Jisela’s been posting about him on social media. She recently addressed this with a tweet that featured a pic of the couple together.

“See y’all tomorrow!! #TheChallengeAllStars And yes #Alton knows I post him and carry on about him on SM. I even send [sic] him your post so he can laugh a little about all of this,” Jisela wrote.

Are they still together after filming ‘Challenge: All Stars’?

In the comments, one fan asked Jisela if she and Alton were still together. At the time, there were still three episodes left in the season, and she wrote that she didn’t “want to ruin anything.”

However, she did reveal on The Challenge Mania podcast that she lives in Florida and Alton lives in California. But she says they do talk all the time, and Alton just bought some land in Florida. She says we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with the relationship moving forward.

The entire season of The Challenge: All Stars is available on Paramount+.

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