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The Chase: Paul Sinha reveals real reason Chasers have to deal a low offer to contestants

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Paul, 50, also known as the Sinnerman, was on hand to take on another bunch of amateur quizzing hopefuls on Monday’s edition of The Chase. All four were hoping they could do enough to defeat the Chaser and walk away with a share of the jackpot prize. Bradley Walsh, 60, was once again keeping the peace between the players and the quizmaster on the ITV programme. However, in the midst of the game, the general knowledge guru explained exactly why low offers are dealt to contestants before they complete their head-to-head round.

After building their money totals in a cash builder round, each contestant goes on to face one of five Chasers.

The players are given then given the option to stay with the amount they accumulated in the first round, take a step closer to their opponent by accepting a higher offer or take a step closer to home by taking the lower offer.

For the latter option, the cash sum can range from nothing at all to one penny being deducted from the day’s winnings or a whole array of minus amounts.

Acceptance of a lower offer usually causes a backlash amongst viewers on social media, but Paul has now given insight into why such an incentive is dealt.


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Following two successful rounds where budding quizzers Paul and Marion had made it back for the Final Chase with a total of £13,000 between them, it was Kerry’s turn to try and add to the jackpot.

After the latter managed to accumulate £5,000 during her car builder round, the Sinnerman gave her the option of taking a step closer to him and have a chance of playing for £48,000 or deducting £2,000 from the prize fund.

The contestant told Bradley: “Well, I’m insulted by the -£2,000. I would never take that off my lovely teammates.”

Weighing up her options, the player then decided to stick with her original figure to which the Chaser then explained why a low offer was on the table.

There is a reason it’s called a lower offer

Paul Sinha

“I love when people say they’re insulted by the lower offer,” Paul remarked, before adding: “There is a reason it’s called a lower offer.”

Explaining the real reason behind the option, the Chaser said: “It’s rubbish,” hinting the incentive is for contestants to avoid taking it.

With the matter cleared up, the Sinnerman then proceed to defeat Kerry, sending her home with nothing to add to the jackpot.

The fourth and final player of the day, Dean, was also knocked out, meaning Marion and Paul were the pair to enter the Final Chase.

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With £13,000 at stake, the amateur quizzers gave it everything they had to try and build up enough steps between their cash and the Chaser.

After Paul took his seat, Bradley hammered him with questions and by the end of the round, he was the loser.

Unfortunately, the Sinnerman was unable to take down the final two contestants and they each walked away with a prize of £7,500.

Taking to social media, viewers of the hit afternoon quiz show prayed Marion and Paul for fighting so valiantly.


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One of those viewers watching at home posted on Twitter: “What a great team they were on @ITVChase #TheChase.”

Another added on the micro-blogging site: “Well done! Enjoy your winnings. Nice people. #TheChase.”

Whilst a third wrote: “You smashed it, well-done team Woo Hoo #TheChase,” a fourth shared: “Well done team great on the pushbacks #TheChase.”

“Well done Marion and Paul – thoroughly deserved! #TheChase,” a fifth opined.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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