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The Chase’s Shaun Wallace red-faced as he messes up his lines in show blooper

The Chase star Shaun Wallace could be seen looking embarrassed as he fumbled over his words while filming an episode of the hit ITV game show.

The blooper appeared on the latest instalment of It'll Be Alright On The Night, narrated by David Walliams, as he guided viewers through TV's funniest blunders.

While the edited episode of The Chase is a well-oiled machine, fans got a glimpse at the antics behind the scenes – with Shaun rehearsing his lines.

The champion quizzer struggled to remember the name of the three contestants who remained in the competition and was forced to repeat their names three different times.

Shaun continually got the names Lisa and Penny muddled up, meaning the editors were forced to cut the scene again and again.

"When you're ready," presenter Bradley Walsh coaxed, easing Shaun into it.

When Shaun got their names wrong yet again, host Bradley offered him a helping hand, suggesting they change his line altogether.

He advised: “Just say, 'they're shaping up to be a very good team'."

Shaun took his advice and successfully delivered the line, only for prankster Bradley to deliberately mess up the names of the contestants.

"Yes they are," he said, adding: "I can see both Simon, Sandra, and Karen…"

The gag prompted a ripple of laughter throughout the studio, as Bradley gestured to Shaun and asked: "Has he been drinking?"

Thankfully, Shaun laughed the blooper off, clearly chuffed to move forward with the production and film the next scene of the game show.

Elsewhere in It'll Be Alright On The Night, Mr Walliams revisited the moment Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby welcomed a pony into the This Morning studio.

Unfortunately, the pony, named Monet, proceeded to do its business right on the studio carpet, making an awful mess.

"There we go. Perfect timing," Phil remarked at the time, as Holly hid behind him in a bid to disguise her laughter.

It'll Be Alright On The Night returns next Saturday at 9pm on ITV.

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