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The Last Kingdom’s Aelswith star details gruesome first action scene

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Although Netflix’s historical series The Last Kingdom came to an end in March, intriguing details about the show continue to be unveiled. Lady Aelswith star Eliza shared behind-the-scenes insight into her gruesome scene with Bresal (played by Harry Anton).

During season five, viewers were introduced to Bresal as one of Lord Aethelhelm’s (Adrian Schiller) right-hand men. 

This meant he was Uhtred’s enemy, as well as that of Edward (Timothy Innes) and his family.

Under Aethelhelm’s order, he was tasked with abducting princess Aelfwynn (Phia Saban) and delivering her to Bebbanburg.

She was supposed to get married to the Scottish King Constantin (Rod Hallett), however, this backfired and ultimately led to Bresal’s death. 

Her protectors Lady Aelswith and Eadith (Stefanie Martini) were able to carry out their duties and were more formidable than he anticipated. 

In a jaw-dropping twist, Aelswith saved the day when she drove a dagger into his neck from behind, leaving Eadith covered in blood.  

Although fans watched in shock, Aelswith star Eliza revealed there was more to the scene than fans could realise. 

During an interview, Eliza revealed the scene took a significant amount of tries to get right. 

She shared: “Poor Stefanie (Martini) who’s incredible, she’s our Eadith, when they were filming her, the single was on her and the blood had to splatter on her everywhere.

“Every time I plunged the knife into Harry’s neck, the blood had to go everywhere. 

“We had the most amazing crew and it was really hard to get the blood splatter right, we had that one second and it’s like ‘now,’ and they had to get the whole thing in one.”

Eliza detailed: “Each time blood kept going a bit too much to the left so it didn’t hit her enough, or too much to the right and it didn’t hit her enough.

“She kept having to do this thing and Harry’s having to strangle her, it was so crazy.

“It was ridiculous and I really felt so sorry for her.

“I was like ‘This is just nuts,’ then by the fourth blood war, which was the last one they could do because we were running out time, they did it and again it still wasn’t quite right and in the end.”

The actress revealed it took the crew a number more times to get right and they eventually resorted to doing it another day. 

Eliza told The Screen Chronicles: “Stefanie had to shoot her reaction on a separate day, the blood splattering bit on a different day. 

“They did it a few days later, they didn’t even do it in the forest, they made a little patch of something look like the same forest and they just did it.”

Sadly for fans, season five is the last they will see of Aelswith, as the actress confirmed she would not reprise the role for the upcoming feature film, Seven Kings Must Die. 

Eliza stated: “I have to say, I have had a conflict of scheduling, so, I was meant to be in the film and it gutted me because I got another job which is the one I’m currently on now.”

The Last Kingdom seasons one to five are available on Netflix

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