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The Repair Shop expert nervous as he attempts technique hes never done

The Repair Shop team tackle 100-year-old harmonium

Matt Nickels, The Repair Shop’s stained glass expert was tasked with repairing a stained glass angel which a guest’s mother made for her, however it was badly cracked.

As Matt started working on the restoration as part of Friday’s instalment of the BBC Show, he told the cameras: “Now is the time I can start the Kintsugi.

“The philosophy and the principles behind the art of Kintsugi are really about celebrating the cracks in the item and also what they mean to the person who owned it.”

He said the art form takes people a “lifetime to learn” and admitted it’s not anything he’s ever done before and that he was “nervous”.

“I am not doing the real way the artisans would,” the expert added. “But I love the principles of the practice.”

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To start the process, he mixed up a resin and painted along the cracks before sprinkling and brushing over real 24-carat gold.

The BBC star admitted: “That is quite daunting but it is something I have really been looking forward to. Feeling brave, now here we go.”

Luckily, his technique paid off and he was excited to reveal the finished piece to the guest later on in the episode.

When the guest, named Claire, returned to the barn to see the renovated guardian angel Christmas ornament which reminded her of her late mother Margaret she was in awe of Matt’s work.

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“It’s made it really beautiful,” Claire gushed over Matt’s work. “I am kind of speechless and I can’t wait to hang it back up again.”

“When mum helped me through the mental health issues I had, it was many years ago and it wasn’t spoken about much,” she continued.

“I did feel like I had to cover it up, which makes this more symbolic because it is not covering up the cracks with the Kintsugi is all about.”

She continued: “It’s just stunning. Thank you very much.”

The Repair Shop episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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