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The Repair Shops Jay Blades admits he had doubts over new series Proved me wrong

Jay Blades confirms filming of The Repair Shop is ongoing

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Jay Blades: No Place Like Home is a three-part series which sees The Repair Shop favourite journeying around his childhood neighbourhood to discover the history on his doorstep. From terrifying Zeppelin air raids to the infamous Kray twins and the shocking history of Ridley Road, Jay was left stunned by the past that shaped his beloved home. Speaking exclusively to about the Channel 5 show, Jay admitted he had his doubts when producers first pitched the idea to him.

Talking about how the series came about, the 52-year-old explained: “They came up with it, the production company.

“They’ve got some of the ideas bouncing around and what they said to me was ‘We want to take you back to Hackney and show you that.’

“And I’m like, ‘You can’t teach me anything that I don’t know about Hackey’ and they said, ‘Yes we can’ and I said, ‘No you can’t.’

“It went back and forth. I said, ‘Prove me wrong then’ and then they proved me super wrong.

“It’s unbelievable what I discovered within Hackney. Just meeting my old mates, but also meeting historians that knew everything about it.

“There’s so much stuff that the normal person doesn’t know that historians know.”

In the first of three episodes, Jay walks in his mother’s footsteps to his old local market, discovering surprising stories about the places he thought he knew so well.

“The most interesting thing was all of it, but for me, it was how much I did not know about Hackney,” Jay revealed.

“You live in an area for a certain amount of years, and you’re saying to people ‘I know that area, I know about that street and this one and a bit of the history.’

“And when they start saying, ‘Well it wasn’t even part of London, it was leafy suburbs’ it’s like… ‘No it wasn’t.’

“Then you find out the history of Ridley Road and then the history of First World War bombs in your area, just up the road.

“You’re like ‘Wow’ so it’s very hard to say which part I found the most interesting because all of it was interesting.”

Jay also explained he felt more “proud” of the area since making the discoveries.

“It’s made me feel proud because I have a number of people who have overcome things in the area, and it’s like I come from a very rich history.

“I can talk about that now, that’s why it makes me feel proud.

“I felt proud of Hackney before but now even more so with the history. Some of the history is dark, but you still understand, ‘Okay, there has been a rich history which I am part of.'”

Reiterating again his shock at learning what he found out, Jay commented: “I thought they could not teach me anything.

“I thought there would be nothing that surprised me. But every person we met, everything they exposed to me because – you’ve got some brilliant researchers that done their work – and everything exposed to me was an eye-opener. 

“I never expected it at all.”

Jay Blades: No Place Like Home airs on Channel 5 from 9pm on Tuesday.

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