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The Undoing's Grace collapses and Franklin threatens to murder Jonathan in explosive first look at episode 4

THE Undoing episode 4 sees Grace collapse and Franklin threaten to murder Jonathan.

The drama is set to take another explosive turn as Jonathan (Hugh Grant) is in custody after his wife Grace (Nicole Kidman) called the police and told them he murdered Elena.

A teaser clip ahead of next week's brand new episode shows a nervous-looking Jonathan receive a chilling death threat from his father-in-law Franklin.

Franklin warned: "Should you do anything to further harm my daughter, I will track you down, and I will kill you myself."

While Jonathan has vehemently denied that he murdered Grace, he did admit he had an affair with Elena.

The clip also shows Franklin questioning daughter Grace if she is going to forgive Jonathan and go back to being a normal family again.

Grace retorted: "How weak do you think I am?", before the clip ended with Grace being surrounded in a heap on the ground.

Speaking of Franklin, fans of The Undoing have added another twist to the murderous tale.

Viewers have taken to social media to express their beliefs that the killer is none other than Grace's father, Franklin, who is framing Jonathan.

One user wrote on Twitter about the thriller: "I think Grace's dad did it. He found out about the affair and is framing Jonathan to get him out of her life and ruin his career. Franklin seems like a helicopter parent and wants her to have the life he designs for her."

"Franklin seems like a helicopter parent and wants her to have the life he designs for her."

Another added: "Am thinking that Franklin killed Elena to frame Jonathan, whom he clearly dislikes, to get him away from his daughter and, said daughter, Grace, saw it happen and disassociated; hence all the events seen in through Grace's mind's eye."

One fan remarked: "Just saw the teaser for episode 4. Franklin goes to see Jonathan in jail and tells him that if he comes near Grace he’ll kill him himself. You know what, he’s def framing him."

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