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This Is Us' Jack Damon Flash-Forward: Photos, Clues and Theories About the Future of Kate and Toby's Rockstar Son

This Is Us has a habit of unexpectedly flinging its audience into the future, tossing viewers into flash-forwards that depict the show’s beloved characters in unfamiliar situations but without explaining why or how they got there.

Because, after all, figuring out the why and how is the best part!

In the past, TVLine has gone deep on the flash-forward that involves Rebecca on what certainly seems like her deathbed. And now we’re turning our investigative gaze upon little Jack Damon, who’s not even a year old yet but who is already — thanks to the aforementioned time-jump device — a confirmed rockstar.

This week’s episode reiterated that fact, giving us a brief glimpse of young Jack’s childhood and adolescence via time spent in the family music studio. (Read a full recap.) Blake Stadnik, who plays the adult version of Kate and Toby’s son, appeared in just a few flashes at the end of the episode as Not a Baby, Not Yet a Rockstar Jack crafted some early tunes in the creative space his dad built for his mom.

So what better time to launch our close look at Baby Jack/Rockstar Jack’s flash-forward, which started in the Season 4 premiere and has popped up every now and then as the episodes unspool?

We’ve gathered all of the looks at Jack’s adult life in the gallery at right. This includes visuals, dialogue, clues and salient intel from interviews with the show’s stars and producers. We’ll update it when/if the show airs more of his flash-forward footage.

Flip through the gallery — or go to it directly here — then hit the comments section with any clues, theories or observations about Jack’s future that we might’ve missed!

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