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'This Is Us' Made a Joke About Zendaya on 'Euphoria' and I Am Deceased

[Warning: spoilers for This Is Us season four, episode three, “Unhinged,” ahead.]

Okay, so a lot happened on last night’s episode of This Is Us. Let’s quickly run through it, lightning round style.

Here’s what went down in the past. Jack seriously f*cked up something important at work and got fired, until the actual angel Miguel threatened to quit and take his seriously rich clients with him if his bestie was let go. Jack Pearson would bless the union between Miguel and Rebecca with all his heart, and no one can tell me otherwise.

The mini Big Three had their moments, too. Middle school Randall had a panic attack over getting in trouble for a dress code violation and mini Kevin biked to his school to talk him down (my heart!). Meanwhile, lil Kate tried aerobics with her mom but seemed disappointed when she didn’t immediately see a number drop on the scale (ME).

In the present, Kate finds out about Toby’s weight loss (he looks seriously good) and doesn’t exactly take it well at first. We also meet her angry neighbor Gregory, who repeatedly berates her over Toby parking his car on the curb. He seems like a jerk until he reveals that he suffered a severe stroke two years ago (which also happened IRL to the actor who plays him, Timothy Omundson), forcing him to relearn how to walk. He’s frustrated because he keeps getting blocked on his daily stroll around the block by Toby’s car. It seems like Kate has found a new walking partner, and it’s great.

Randall starts a new open-door policy at work, has a very cute chief of staff, and fires a mean older woman who doesn’t believe in his “naive” vision for the city. Deja finds out her new crush has a baby, while Tessa struggles with being “out” at school. Wow, this lightning round is taking way too long, check out what happened with Kevin and Cassidy, here.

That’s the gist of “Unhinged,” but my FAVORITE part of the episode was completely and utterly innocuous, a total blink-and-you-miss-it moment. Beth Pearson—the best mom on TV (sorry Rebecca)—asks her girls how their days went and this exchange happened:

Reader, believe me when I tell you, I cackled. Beth has jokes! (If you’ve been living under a rock, former Disney Channel star Zendaya not only plays the MJ to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, but she also plays Rue, a drug addicted teen on Euphoria, HBO’s gritty and glittery answer to 13 Reasons Why.)

First of all, I have a question, has bb Annie even seen Euphoria?! If so, maybe I have to revoke that best mom award I just handed out. Secondly, on my best day I don’t look as good as drugged out Zendaya on Euphoria, and that’s the real tea.

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