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This Morning star confronts woman in road rage row as she honked horn at him

This Morning's resident vet Dr Scott Miller has apologised for leaving a woman "shaken up" during a road rage row after being called out online.

Dr Scott, who regularly appears on the ITV magazine show, has said that he is "very sorry" for what happened after being spotted on dash-cam footage.

He claims that he "apologised immediately" and told MailOnline: "I should not have got out of the car, but the woman had her hand on the beeper for over a minute and it just triggered my autism."

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Dr Scott breaking his silence comes after the victim's son David Kenwood took to Facebook on Friday (October 21) to ask people to share dash-cam images that showed someone allegedly vandalising his mum's car.

He urged people to "please share" and asked: "Can anyone please help to identify this man? Caught on video today (21.10.22) vandalising my mum's car… unfortunately he didn't realise that there was a dash-cam recording the whole thing."

The photos showed a man – who was identified as Dr Scott Miller – appearing to bend a windscreen wiper on a woman's car.

With more than 300 shares, Facebook users all over the country quickly spotted who the then-unknown blonde man was, with many pointing how he looked a lot like Dr Scott Miller.

"It’s not the vet from the TV is it?? He lives near Woking," asked one in the comments.

While another posted a photo of him wearing a plaid shirt and pointed out how he was wearing the same thing in the dash-cam stills: "He’s literally wearing the same shirt!"

Someone else added: "I'm sure this is the vet off TV," to which someone replied: "Yeah he's Dr Scott from the Vet on the Hill."

Dr Scott has since released a statement apologising for the incident, which read: "Dr Miller has very little to say on this point beyond his Instagram posts as it has been blown out of all proportion and is not at all a balanced view of what happened.

"The first act of aggression in fact came from the constant beeping from a car who was clearly disgruntled that somebody dare park at the end of a private road.

"At that point Mr Miller did not know this was a female in the car until he conversed with the driver the first time after trying to wave her past then getting out when she began beeping to ask if she could go around.

"It is obvious from the dash cam footage that the driver could have easily driven around Dr Miller's car, instead pulling up behind him and incessantly beeping.

"This isn’t a story, this is simply a moment of irritation on behalf of two drivers and the act of the other driver was constant beeping as the initial act and then driving after somebody and blocking them in beyond that.

"Mr Miller’s act is a reaction although regrettable was simply to stop the beeping, no damage was done and no vandalism performed.

"It should also be noted that the driver of the other vehicle was quickly able to rectify what Mr Miller had done by simply replacing back the windscreen and opening up the wing mirror in order to then chase him across the road and block him into another driveway after witnessing the fact that he just picked up his daughter.

"This whole story has been inflamed and blown out of all proportion."

Meanwhile, the husband of the woman branded Dr Miller "cowardly" and said: "My wife is disabled and suffers from Parkinson's, so it is even more despicable. We are both shocked and disgusted by his behaviour."

Commenting on her son's Facebook post, Heather – who was the woman in the alleged incident – penned: "I was in the car on my own — no way would he have done this if it was a man in the car! Got dash cam footage of him being very vocal."

"He got abusive, I just stayed in my car then he got out again went to the passenger’s side broke my wipers and wing mirror," she added.

In the dash-cam footage Dr Scott was seen getting out of his car after Heather had tooted at him for parking at the end of a road.

Heather has said that she reported the incident to police and was told they were investigating.

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