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This Morning viewers horrified as man fakes execution to prove wife hired hitman

This Morning viewers were left stunned after hearing how a man faked his own execution to prove his ruthless wife had hired a hitman to kill him.

Ramon Sosa, speaking on the show from Texas, invented his own death and even posed for a grizzly photo after Maria ‘Lulu’ Sosa tried to have him bumped off.

Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, he outlined his sting to catch her out.

He even produced photos with bullet wounds to his head to convince her that he had been killed.

She had approached a man called Gustavo in a gym to see if he could organise the hit.

But the woman did not realise he and Ramon were friends – and they got down to work trying to bring her to justice.

"It should have been the first red flag but her mother walked up to me on our wedding day and whispered 'now she's your problem' into my ear," he said on the ITV show.

"My friend overheard a conversation in the gym with Lulu and someone saying he would chop people up for money.

"He jumped in and saved my life. He told me to play the other hitman and we made the plan."

He got a burner phone and spoke to her about the hit.

Phil said: "It must have been so hard to read those messages – but then it becomes like a Hollywood movie."

They then showed a fake photo of him in a shallow grave, seemingly dead with blood coming from his head and dripping down his body.

"It is so sad that this is the person I thought I would be spending my life with," Ramon said.

"She laughed when she thought I was dead – it bothered me a lot."

She was sent to prison for 20 years second-degree felony solicitation of murder.

Phil added: "I get the feeling you will be hearing from Netflix in the next 20 minutes!"

Viewers couldn't believe what they were watching.

One wrote: "Can you imagine your wife trying to get a hit man on you?"

Another joked: "Did the hitman get paid?!"

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