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Tipping Point viewers rip into contestant for 'idiotic' answer to alphabet question

TIPPING Point viewers have ripped into a contestant for an 'idiotic' answer to an alphabet question.

On Tuesday's edition of the ITV show, contestant Simon was asked by host Ben Shephard: "What letter is represented in the NATO phoenetic alphabet by X-Ray?"

Under pressure to get the answer right and win the penalty pot tokens to try and stay in the game, Simon replied: "E".

He immediately realised his mistake and sank down while pulling a face as Ben told him the answer was, unsurprisingly, "X".

It meant Simon was leaving after the first round, and viewers couldn't help but mock is answer.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "I need an e-ray #tippingpoint."

Another tweeted alongside a gif of American chat show host Conan O'Brien crying: "Simon reading this # after his X-Ray f*** up!!"

A third mocked: "What’s your surname? Edwards. How are you spelling that sir? E for X-Ray, D for Hippo, W for Bum, A for Zebra, R for Gelatinous, D for Hippo, S for Egg. #TippingPoint."

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "Simon, you’ve been E-diotic. Get out. #TippingPoint."

The mocking kept coming as a fellow Tipping Point viewer tweeted: "#tippingpoint Ben asks which letter is represented in the naval phonetic alphabet by the word x-ray. Simon "E". If Simon is from oop north, he might have been about to say "eeee, Ben, that would be "x"!"

Simon's blunder comes after viewers took aim at a contestant called Rob on Monday's show, calling him a "muppet" for repeatedly passing to other players.

It was a habit which certainly annoyed viewers at home, with one tweeting: "Yeh chips hanging off the end, I'll pass".

Another wrote: "Passing muppetry straight off the bat then".

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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