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Tipping Point viewers spot huge Ben Shephard blunder: ‘Should have corrected him’

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Tipping Point host Ben Shephard guided four contestants through the ITV quiz show this afternoon as they competed against each other for a spot in the final. Rory, Lisa, Mike and Amy were today’s contestants but in the opening round of the show, viewers picked up a blunder made by one contestant when they addressed host Ben. 

In the first round of the competition, Rory got off to a good start but was apprehensive about putting counters into the machine. 

He passed on several occasions which subsequently gave Mike an early lead before the game opened up when Rory ran out of counters. 

ITV viewers picked up on the blunder when Ben asked the remaining contestants a question on opera.

He asked: “Maria Callas was a famous figure in which field of the performing arts?”

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Mike buzzed in and correctly answered opera before being given the choice whether he wanted to pass or play a counter. 

The contestant appeared to say: “I’ll play Simon and I’ll go for drop zone four,” however Ben failed to react to the mistake. 

Mike may have said “this time” instead of “Simon” but viewers were convinced he’d forgotten the host’s name. 

One curious fan remarked: “Did he just say I will play Simon – his name is Ben lol #TippingPoint.”

A second viewer agreed and said: “I heard that too,” while a third added: “I totally thought who’s Simon?”

Another Tipping Point viewer tweeted: “I thought he said that.”

Pleased he wasn’t the only one to spot the mistake, the original viewer added: “Glad I wasn’t just hearing things – Ben should have corrected him.”

“He doesn’t even look like a Simon,” the Tipping Point fan joked in a later tweet. 

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Meanwhile, Lisa took advantage of her teammates’ handiwork in the first round and scored £900 in one drop. 

Despite putting more than three counters into the machine, Amy was forced to leave the quiz show after failing to add any money to her jackpot. 

Rory was the next contestant to be booted off of the show leaving Mike and Lisa to face the head-to-head round.

The players battled it out and Lisa tactically passed several of her questions over to Mike. 


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Once again, Lisa took her time while Mike used his counters to line up the machine for a huge drop of counters. 

Lisa made it through to the final but her luck ran out when it came to nudging the jackpot counter out of the machine. 

After using the majority of her counters to try and push the golden counter forward, she failed to nudge it off of the top shelf. 

When Ben offered her the three counter gamble at the end of the show, she declined and took home £2850 instead. 

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm.

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