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Towie’s Fran Parman hits back at cruel trolls who claim she’s photoshopping herself thinner in Instagram pics

TOWIE'S Fran Parman hit back at cruel trolls who claimed she's photoshopping herself thinner in her Instagram pics.

The reality star, 29, recently revealed she's "feeling like her old self" after shedding ten pounds.

However, Fran's now been the victim of trolls who are saying she is editing her pictures.

The Towie star hit back – saying the reason she looks different is because she's lost so much weight.

Speaking on Instagram, she said: "I did a picture yesterday basically saying I'm doing really well with my journey, I'm really happy.

"Then everyone was like oh she's edited her face so much. A couple of weeks ago it was because I had too much Botox in my face or I don't even know what what goes on in their head.

"Now it's because I've edited it too much. No, I didn't edit it too much, my face has actually gone down, that's why I'm doing a video. Look at the size of it. It's not that big because I was quite big a couple of weeks ago.

"I did put weight on but it has gone down because I've lost weight you weirdos. You f***ing losers. That's my point, you've just got to ignore these people.

"These trolls never have nothing nice to say ever because they're bitter about their own life so they will try and bring you down."

The TV beauty previously told fans she had put on 3st in three months during lockdown while looking after her 91-year-old granddad.

But earlier this week she admitted she was "feeling her old self" after shedding ten pounds.

Wearing an open denim dress showing off her slender pins and plenty of bra, Fran smouldered for the camera.

Writing next to the photo, the reality star wrote: “Starting to feel like my old self again, still a little way to go but I remind myself & so should you, anyone who’s on a weight loss journey, this is a marathon not a sprint.

“These things take time so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get results straight away, you will get there and don’t give up. You got this 😊❤️”

Sharing the saucy snap with her 279k Instagram followers she was quickly inundated with positive comments and compliments from her fans. 

One wrote: “You look Stunning 👌”

“Stunning! Always have been, always will be 😍❤️ ,” added another.

While a third gushed: “You look amazing it never matters what size you are its the person you are 💕😘”

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