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Traces viewers 'give up' on BBC drama as they slate 'cr*p acting, bland scripts and poor continuity'

VIEWERS watching Traces have abandoned the Scottish drama in droves after describing it as 'bland'.

The forensic crime drama set in Dundee premiered on the BBC this week, with the entire season available on BBC iPlayer.

Many viewers started bingeing the drama which follows forensic science student Emma Hedges (Molly Windsor) as she works to uncover the mystery around her mum's death.

The show originally aired on UKTV's Alibi network in 2019, with many of the BBC viewers watching it for the first time this week.

It had been a hotly anticipated drama starring Line of Duty's Martin Compston, but people have been left disappointed labelling Traces 'bland'.

Many people took to Twitter to complain about the Scottish accents, the fact it was filmed in Bolton rather than Dundee, the 'boring' scripts and hard to follow plot.

One Twitter user wrote: "wow… the “new” drama #traces on @BBCOne is like, really bad."

Another added: "Unsure how #traces could be a ratings winner for UKTV, it’s so bland. Not hooking me like an episode of Taggart or inspector morse or any other crime drama."

A third said: "Watching Traces on BBC, never knew Dundee had an exact replica of Nelson Square in Bolton, complete with J2 at the top."

And a fourth commented: "So the story is mildly intriguing but #Traces is actually kind of piss poor. Script, acting, continuity – all a bit lacking."

The show did also have many fans, with people recommending drama as the 'perfect' binge during the national lockdown.

Traces follows lab assistant Emma Hedges who returns to her childhood home of Dundee to start a new job at SIFA, but becomes tangled up in case involving her dead mother.

Whilst studying an online introductory course in forensic science, Emma realises there’s something striking about the fictitious case study she’s working on, as it bears a resemblance to her own mum's unsolved murder.

When she starts a relationship with Daniel, she doesn’t know that his company might be somehow involved in the case her boss at SIFA has been helping the police to investigate. 

The whole show sees Emma trying to bring a killer to justice.

Traces is on Monday and Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One and the full series is available on BBC iPlayer.

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