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Ulrika Jonsson admits breaking social distancing for hugs after 'calculated risk' as she reveals bad reaction to 2nd jab

ULRIKA Jonsson has admitted breaking social distancing rules to hug friends after taking a "calculated risk".

The tactile TV presenter told of her struggle to avoid touching loved ones throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Ulrika appeared on Good Morning Britain today after having a nasty reaction to her second Covid jab.

"I'm a very tactile person," she told the show.

"I struggled most in this last lockdown. Often on dog walks I meet people and I'm holding their hands, rubbing their arms or embracing them. I don't even mind touching people I don't know very well."

Quizzed by guest host Alastair Campbell about whether she has "lapsed" with the no-contact rules, Ulrika replied: "Oh obviously."

She added: "I shouldn't be saying this, but of course, all the time. It's such a natural thing and sometimes it's so spontaneous you don't stop yourself.

"They have been pretty calculated risks I've taken."

The Sun's new columnist Ulrika is on a mission to liberate older women in the bedroom.

She's gone from a morning TV weather girl to a household name, having multiple marriages — and divorces — four children, one born with a heart defect, and high-profile flings.

The 53-year-old who has admitted to having a sexual awakening in her fifties was bed-ridden this weekend after having her second Pfizer vaccine.

"I had it on Friday night," she said.

"I felt absolutely fine and then Saturday lunchtime I started feeling bad.

Host Susanna asked: "Even three days on you're feeling knocked for six?"

"A little bit," admitted Ulrika.

"I'm feeling much better than yesterday when I just couldn't move.

"I am also feeling super grateful to have had the vaccine so no complaints."

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