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Vikings Valhalla star recalls ‘genuinely scary’ horse stunt

Vikings Valhalla: Netflix releases trailer for second season

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Leo Suter stars as Harald Sigurdsson in the epic Netflix series, a loose follow-up to the original Vikings series on the History Channel and Amazon Prime Video. After the premiere of Vikings: Valhalla’s second season earlier this week, the cast has been opening up about the most challenging parts of portraying medieval Europe’s fiercest warriors.

Harald star Leo revealed he was genuinely scared when he was dragged behind a horse in Vikings: Valhalla’s second season.

Set 100 years after the original Vikings, Norwegian prince Harald joins forces with Scandinavian ruler King Canute (played by Bradley Freegard) and Greenlanders Freydís Eiríksdóttir (Frida Gustavsson) and Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett).

After the fall of Kattegat, the trio find themselves on the run and vulnerable to plenty of dangers along the way.

At one point, they come across a tribe of bloodthirsty warriors, who are keen to test Harald’s manhood before they go any further.

Leo explained: “They drag him behind a horse and they put a noose around him, and I had my hands around there so it’s not actually on my neck.

“And then I have to trip and be dragged, and I have a cable release for if I’m not having a good time, that’s my safe word.

“And so we did it, and it looks cool but it was kind of scary.”

Thankfully, the actor had safety measures in place to ensure he could make a quick escape if the stunt went awry.

Even so, Leo couldn’t help fearing for the worst when the sequence actually took place.

“That was genuinely scary, it was mental. Yeah, it was mental!” he told Metro.

Despite his initial concerns, Leo admitted he actually found the experience “pleasant”.

Although he did admit he: “Was sore the next day.”

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Luckily, Leo didn’t sustain any injuries during this particular shoot, though he did have some hairy moments during some of Vikings’ many fight scenes.

During filming for the first season, the actor revealed he broke a co-star’s nose while engaging in some swordplay.

“Last year, I broke someone’s nose which was bad, with a sword, which was mortifying, like really horrible, a horrible experience,” he recalled.

“The nature of these things is that you do take some hits and you have to sort of wear it because stunt men and women are doing exactly the same.”

“You can’t really hit people but, when it came to, sort of, kicking and punching in the ribs, we half went for it,” he said, remembering some more close calls.

“[Another actor] threw a punch and he grazed my beard and it was like millimetres [away].

“If he had connected… that would have seriously hurt, so that was a close scrape.”

Now season two has been released, fans will have to tune into the next 10 episodes of Viking: Valhalla to witness more carnage from the 11th Century heroes.

Vikings: Valhalla seasons 1-2 are available to stream on Netflix.

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