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Virgin River season 4: What will happen to Preacher after brutal attack?

Virgin River: Netflix releases trailer for third season

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Virgin River has never shied away from difficult topics and emotionally challenging tests for its characters, with John ‘Preacher’ Middleton (played by Colin Lawrence) no different. Preacher was caught in the middle of family drama during season three, only this family wasn’t his own. As the Netflix series came to a close, Preacher found himself in a very precarious situation. 

What happens to Preacher in Virgin River?

Throughout the third season of Virgin River, Preacher was dealing with his own subplot revolving around a family friend.

This was mother and son team, Paige Lassiter (Lexa Doig) and Christopher (Chase Petriw).

It was revealed Paige and Christopher were on the run from their abusive husband and father Wes (Steve Bacic).

Paige was initially reluctant to open up to anyone in Virgin River, with the pair laying low in the town when they first arrived.

This was when Preacher made an appearance in their lives, slowly winning over Paige’s trust.

Just after Preacher learned the truth about her past, Wes remerged in Virgin River, confronting Paige on the spot.

However, this confrontation didn’t end well for Wes, with Paige pushing him down a flight of stairs in self-defence, immediately killing him. 

Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Wes’ twin brother, Vince, stepped foot in Virgin River to look for him.

This led Paige to flee again, seemingly leaving Virgin River for good, but this time she was on the run alone.

Preacher was left to care for Christopher, and it is unknown if Paige will return for her son. But all signs point to the fact Paige is gone for good.

During the season three finale, Preacher met an “old friend” of Paige’s who made it clear she wasn’t coming back.

She offered Preacher a chance to say a proper goodbye, explaining Paige was camped out in the woods him to her.

On the way, they stopped for a drink, with Paige’s friend giving Preacher a can of cola.

Shortly after drinking it, Preacher collapsed in the woods and Paige’s “friend” stole his phone before leaving him alone. 

Cutting back to Preacher’s home, Connie (Nicola Cavendish) could be seen walking into the house, only to discover Preacher wasn’t there.

Instead, Vince was stood in the dark, seemingly ready to kidnap Christopher.

The fate of Christopher and Preacher remains to be seen, though it is clear Paige’s story is far from over.

Virgin River seasons four and five have finally been confirmed by Netflix, with Preacher’s story certain to continue in them.

While nothing is confirmed, viewers will be hoping Preacher will track down Vince and Christopher.

Virgin River is available to watch exclusively on Netflix.

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