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Virgin River’s Cameron star pays tribute to Alexandra Breckenridge

Virgin River stars say the show has an 'unlimited shelf life'

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Netflix’s hit romance drama Virgin River is expected to make its highly anticipated return to screens in the near future with the eagerly awaited fifth season. Ahead of its comeback, Mark Ghanime praised Mel Monroe star Alexandra Breckenridge who welcomed him to the show.  

Season four was a huge one for viewers as it unveiled a number of major revelations for the characters of Virgin River. 

Fans finally discovered who shot Jack Sheridan (played by Martin Henderson) and learned he was not the father of Charmaine Roberts’ (Lauren Hammersley) twins. 

The instalment also welcomed Dr Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanime) who relocated to the small town to work at Doc Mullin’s (Tim Matheson) practice. 

As the star was a new face to the cast of established characters, Mark opened up about feeling welcomed and paid tribute to lead Alexandra. 

Mark shared: “I’ve been lucky to be a part of shows that started from the ground up and I was one of the main cast at the beginning, so there’s that experience.

“But most of the time, as an actor you usually join a show that’s already existing and it’s sort of like the first day of school and you wonder which table to sit at, at lunch. 

“But, this cast is one of the most wonderful groups of people I ever worked with.”

He continued: “Alexandra was completely super welcoming, very kind.

“She’s been in the game for a very long time, so she’s been in my position before too and so it was wonderful to just come into this group.

“I had to kind of hit the ground running, the first day of the shoot for last year, I was up for the first scene for the day, it was me.”

Mark added: “They were like ‘welcome’ and threw me in the deep end, I worked with Alex and Tim and they were wonderful.”

Speaking on the Chatting with B podcast, the actor stated: “The whole crew were super welcoming, very professional, like a well-oiled machine.”

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While Cameron proved to be eye candy for the locals of Virgin River, he had an awkward and offensive conversation with Mel. 

After he joined the practice where Mel also worked as a nurse, it became clear that he had a crush on her. 

This came after she told him his appearance was the reason they were swarmed, as Mel said: “You’re new, you’re young, you’re nice looking.”

However, things turned sour during a conversation they had during lunch when Cameron confessed his feelings for Mel.

He also suggested that Mel should be wary about Jack’s drinking, unaware they were in a fully committed relationship and she was pregnant. 

Cameron added that Jack was not the right man for her, which resulted in Mel walking away, completely offended. 

The new doctor was humiliated and suggested quitting his job and leaving Virgin River as he could not stand seeing Mel happy with Jack. 

Although Mel pleaded with him not to make such a rash decision, fans will have to wait until season five to see if he will stay in town or leave for good.

Virgin River seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix

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