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Watch ‘Kimmel’ Quiz Customers in Weed Dispensary Game Show

In honor of the lesser-known stoner holiday “Oil Day” of July 10th, Jimmy Kimmel Live hosted a weed-themed game show on Wednesday’s episode — quizzing customers in the drive-thru line at Las Vegas’ NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, the world’s largest marijuana dispensary.

“Let’s Make a Dope Deal” featured pot-related questions, with contestants using their car horns as buzzers. Kimmel asked the first customer to list the last names of stoner comedy duo Cheech & Chong and, as a bonus task, to find a loose French fry in her vehicle. (She managed to locate a bag of gummy bears, which the host accepted instead, earning her some Hot Pockets and a Las Vegas snow globe.)

Kimmel then asked two CBD customers, a brother and sister duo, to spell “marijuana,” recall where film characters Harold & Kumar went in their 2004 film comedy (fast food chain White Castle) and name one current member of the United States Congress. (After some brainstorming, they correctly cited Mitch McConnell, earning them a Reese’s Cup and a gallon of milk.)

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