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Watchmen episode 3 explained: What happened in She Was Killed by Space Junk?

Watchmen is currently airing on Sky Atlantic and HBO. The new comic book series was created by Damon Lindelof and is set 34 years after Alan Moore’s books ended, telling a new story set in the world he created. The latest episode featured a number of revelations about the death of Chief Judd (played by Don Johnson) as well as introducing a new character called Agent Blake (Jean Smart) – here’s a quick recap and explanation of what happened.

What happened in Watchmen episode 3?

The introduction of Silk Spectre

The latest episode opens on a new character staging a bank robbery to catch a masked crusader.

Introduced as Agent Blake, a major part of her job is catching those operating as vigilantes after it was outlawed to be one.

However, it is soon revealed during a visit from Senator Joe Keene (James Wolk) she herself has a masked past and used to be known as Silk Spectre.

Fans of Moore’s comic book series will be familiar with the character of Laurie Juspeczyk who followed her mother into becoming the superhero.

She was a crimefighter and she later became involved romantically with Doctor Manhattan in the books.

In the HBO series, viewers meet her at a later point in her life where she is now intent on forgetting her vigilante past.

The investigation into Judd’s death

Agent Blake becomes a major part of the series storyline in this episode when the senator recommends her to be involved with the investigation into Judd’s death.

This leads her and another FBI agent to travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma in order to begin solving the case.

She encounters the Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) when he and his men are interrogating the residents of Nixonville.

She also reveals she knows all about their secret identities before making it clear that she will be playing a big role in their investigation.

Judd’s funeral

After he was brutally hanged at the end of the opening episode, Judd was finally given a funeral in episode three.

Here, Angela Abar (Regina King) gives a touching eulogy in front of his friends and family, as well as Agent Blake.

However, the ceremony is hijacked by a member of the Seventh Kalvary who sets off a bomb.

The guests are saved by Abar who places Judd’s casket over the bomb and scattering.

This later proves a point of contention with Blake who implies Abar was preventing his body from being exhumed.

Viewers will remember in episode two Abar’s grandfather was claiming to be Judd’s killer.

As well as this, Abar found out Judd had a Ku Klux Klan outfit hanging in his wardrobe.

Ozymandias is back

In the first few episodes of the series, scenes have cut away to Jeremy Irons’ character living in mansion with his clone servants.

There has been a lot of speculation Irons was playing Ozymandias, or Adrian Veidt from the original comics.

This is finally confirmed in this episode when he’s also revealed to be being held captive by a mysterious figure called the Game Warden.

This comes after he was warned for violating the terms of his captivity by attempting to build a mysterious suit.

Fans even got to see Veidt in his iconic costume towards the end of the episode.

Blake’s call with Doctor Manhattan

Throughout the episode, Agent Blake leaves a message for Doctor Manhattan, who is currently residing on Mars.

She does this through a blue machine which supposedly sends him the message.

The story she tells is all about questioning the position of God and mortality, drawing in elements of their past lives into the joke.

The episode then ends with a car falling from the sky in front of her, which seemingly is in reference to the brick falling from the sky in her story.

Could this mean that Doctor Manhattan is listening closely and viewers may get another glimpse at the famous blue character in the series?

Watchmen airs weekly on Sunday evenings on HBO and Monday evenings on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

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