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Wayne Lineker derails GMB debate as he ‘forgets’ about interview: ‘Making me nervous’

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GMB is known for hosting a wide range of debates and today was no different. At one point, duo Kate Garraway and Alex Beresford hosted a debate on male bodies, after new data showed members of the public reportedly preferred less physically fit bodies, known as ‘dad bods’. Wayne waded in on the discussion this morning alongside actor Tamer Hassan but the club-owner left Kate “nervous” after he appeared confused by the topic of the debate this morning.

Wayne – the brother of Match of the Day host Gary Lineker – has caught attention this week after posting a bizarre list of criteria in the search of a future girlfriend.

And he caught more attention this morning whilst appearing on GMB to discuss body types. 

Kate started by asking for Wayne’s initial thoughts but it emerged he wasn’t quite fully clear on what he was supposed to talk about.

When Kate posed the topic to him, Wayne was slightly hesitant, replying: “I’m not so sure, to be honest, are we talking about what women want here? Sorry.”

Kate soon clarified she wanted to know whether he believed women “didn’t look for toned people” when searching for a partner.

The host remarked: “I’m slightly worried you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s making me a bit nervous!”

Luckily, Wayne seemed to pick up on the topic of discussion and they were able to proceed on with the debate.

He said of the concept: “Yeah I don’t really understand that to be honest, I don’t think there’s anything different in people’s personalities.”


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