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Wendy Williams makes RHOA debut – and tells pal Nene Leakes to let enemy Kenya Moore ‘bury herself’ – The Sun

WENDY Williams is making her Real Housewives of Atlanta debut next week when she gives her gal pal Nene Leakes on how to deal with Kenya Moore.

Nene expressed her anxiety towards being in the same room with Kenya after their explosive fight during their Canada trip.

After last night's episode where Marc Daly tried to make amends with Nene and her husband Gregg on behalf of his wife Kenya, Nene and Gregg agreed to attend Marc's exclusive black-tie event.

However, Nene still felt hesitant to attend the event without causing a scene with Kenya and she expressed her concerns to the daytime host.

Nene was sitting on her bed, talking on the phone with her when she said: "I'm having anxiety because I know if Kenya pushes me, Wendy, I'm going to say some shit and it's going to be ugly."

Wendy, on the other side of the phone, told her: "I know, let her bury herself."

Wendy and Nene recently reconnected after a brief feud that started when Wendy told her audience that Nene was thinking of quitting the show.

She told audiences during The Wendy Williams Show: "I looked at my phone in between commercials and Nene texts: 'I'm quitting' at 9:08 this morning."

"I'm surprised I even got it because I have no service in my office. I have to say something but I'm not going to say a whole lot.

"I know something about Nene that will make you all cry, be sad and feel bad for her. She's carrying a huge weight on her shoulders."

Nene later slammed Wendy on her social media and wrote: "Private conversations should be left in private! What are girlfriends for if you can’t vent to them on those type of days."

They later patched things up after being spotted together.

It's still up in the air whether Nene will be returning to the show next season since her feud with Kenya has become too stressful for the OG housewife.

However, it seems like Wendy's advice came in handy because Kenya and Marc have a fight during the Black Gentleman's gala.

While sitting together at a table, Kenya and Marc have a fight because she wanted to get up and mingle with her friends while he wanted her to stay seated.

Once the two have gone their separate ways, someone is heard asking Marc: "Are you enjoying the ride that comes with being married?"

He answered the person: "No, I hate it. I hate it, everyone knows that."

Marc is later seen walking out of the gala, yelling: "End it!" which tells fans of the show that the two might have reached their boiling point during the gala.

During last night's episode of the show, Nene tried to be cordial to Kenya during couple's night out but Kenya wasn't having it.

Gregg even confronted Marc over their wives' feud and said that he wouldn't go to Marc's event without Nene by his side.

Gregg told him: "Here's my dilemma, I can't go nowhere my wife can't come. She's not invited, she's not on the link to be invited."

Marc then responded: "You are invited. I'll say it in front of everyone so there's no miscommunication. We're going to shelve all the nonsense for Tuesday.

"I'm not on Instagram so I don't know what happened but that's all irrelevant to me. The point is I want him to be there and you have to support your spouse. I would never divide a spouse and Kenya agrees."

Many of the housewives pointed out through the episode that Kenya is a different person when her husband is around.

Nene told producers: "So Marc calls Kenya "Ken". Kenya plays all types of games, curses like a sailor, but Ken can't do none of that s**t when Marc is around.

"I love Ken because Ken shuts the f**k up."

Porsha Williams, who was watching Marc talk to Gregg and Nene, whispered to Kandi Burruss and pointed at Kenya: "Look at her, she's as quiet as church mouse."

Even Kandi told producers: "I'm not sure if he has a real idea of how she can be. When she's with him, she's angel, but when she's with us, she's hell on wheels."

Fans of the show will soon see Kenya and Nene butt heads once more during their trip to Greece.

They had also gone up in arms during their trip to Canada after Nene lunged at the mother of one.

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