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What Is Kaley Cuoco Doing After 'The Big Bang Theory'?

For 12 years, Kaley Cuoco lived across the hall from the nerds on The Big Bang Theory, or at least until she married and moved in with one. This is the first year in over a decade that Cuoco is not going back to work on the Warner Brothers lot, and the first year in over a decade that fans won’t get to see her every week.

Fortunately, after The Big Bang Theory, Cuoco has a lot of opportunities for her future. Today she was on a panel for her animated series Harley Quinn speaking to reporters of the Television Critics Association. Showbiz Cheat Sheet found out what’s next for Kaley Cuoco. You’re going to be seeing, and hearing, a lot more of her. 

It’s still summer vacation for Kaley Cuoco

Even though The Big Bang Theory had its series finale, it hasn’t quite sunken in for Cuoco. Most years in July she would be in between seasons enjoying the summer so, for now, nothing has changed.

“It’s weird because I almost feel like it’s still the summer hiatus it would be normally,” Cuoco said. “So I would be on this break anyway so it kind of still feels normal, but I think in a few months when I’m supposed to go back to the show, it’ll hit me probably a little bit more like oh, this is a new life now. Things are a little bit different.”

The cast of The Big Bang Theory hasn’t kept in touch since they wrapped either. 

“I haven’t really talked to anyone,” Cuoco said. “Like I said, this feels like a summer hiatus for us and we all go off on our own directions. I think it’s going to hit us all more in September when we would normally [go back to work].”

Kaley Cuoco is the new voice of ‘Harley Quinn’

DC Universe is producing an animated Harley Quinn series, featuring Cuoco as the voice of the clown queen. She can have a potty mouth since it’s streaming, and Harley uses the F word a lot. 

“To be honest with you, [Warner Brothers Television Executive] Peter Roth, who is a dear friend to all of us, called me on my cell phone and said, ‘Do you want to be Harley Quinn?’’ Cuoco shared. “I said, ‘F**** yeah, I do.’ He said, ‘That’s the right answer because that’s what she says a lot.’”

Harley Quinn is not the sweet girl next door that Penny was. While the change of pace is refreshing for Cuoco, it wasn’t a requirement for her post-Big Bang Theory project. 

“I didn’t specifically need it to be different from Penny,” she said. “If it was going to be, then it was and that would be great, and if not that was fine too. When Peter called, I was still shooting Big Bang. I was actually doing it while we were doing Big Bang so this was just a great addition.” 

Kaley Cuoco is producing more

Cuoco is moving behind the scenes so she can have more of a hand in the shows in which she stars. She is an executive producer on Harley Quinn while having fun doing the voice.

“It’s just been a blast, to be honest, and another opportunity for me to mark my producing skills and that’s the new path I’m wanting to take,” Cuoco said. “This was the start of that.”

Yes, Norman Productions is Cuoco’s company and they are involved with Harley Quinn with her. 

“I was able to come on as a producer with my company,” Cuoco said. “That was a big deal for us too, being able to partner on this and put our input in. This has been a new experience for me so this has been a great beginning, this producing hat.

Kaley Cuoco is doing a streaming series

It won’t be too long before you get to see Kaley Cuoco before the cameras again. She is filming a new streaming series for WarnerMedia Streaming in the fall. 

“I’m moving into Flight Attendant in October which we’re doing for the streaming service so that’s actually technically my next project,” Cuoco said.

The Flight Attendant is based on the book by Chris Bohjalian. Cuoco discovered it before it was published and shepherded it through to filming this fall.

“It’s the first time I’ve optioned it and started it and I’m involved with all the decisions, so this will be very new for me,” she said.

And her new character will be different from Penny. “The character, Cassie, she’s a hot mess but she’s a smart hot mess,” Cuoco said. 

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