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Who is Dance Moms ‘Broadway brat’ GiaNina Paolantonio?

GiaNina Paolantonio may already have the reputation of being a “Broadway brat,” but she comes to the studio with a wealth of experience that a lot of the other girls (and boy) don’t have.

Although there were grumbles that she was fired from her job in Matilda on Broadway because she was difficult to work with, the reality star still has a lot of talent and experience for someone her age.

At 14, she already has a resume that’s impressive to many veteran performers. Not only has she already appeared on the Great White Way, but she’s also been in the hit film, The Greatest Showman. Fans of the film will remember her as a little girl in PT Barnum’s daughter’s dance recital.

She’s also appeared in two Mariah Carey concerts, both in New York and Las Vegas and was part of the New York Knicks City Kids Dance Team.

The reality star hails from Oakhurst, New Jersey, but her career has already taken her across the country. Dance Moms is just the latest of her projects.

Most of the girls from the previous Dance Moms team have gone on to pursue professional work. It’s safe to say Gianina already had this mapped out for her, but her participation in Abby’s studio only further cements it.

It’s impossible to tell if she’s got further Broadway shows and concerts in her future, but with the way things are going for her, it’s pretty likely.

You can catch more of GiaNina on her YouTube channel.

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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