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Who is the father of Maya's baby in Emmerdale? Jacob and David could potentially be the dad

EMMERDALE fans were left sickened by Tuesday night's episode as it was revealed paedophile teacher Maya Stepney is not only out of jail, but PREGNANT too.

But what everyone really wants to know is, who is the daddy of the baby bump in the ITV soap? Here’s everything we know about the father so far…

Who is the father of Maya’s baby in Emmerdale?

Viewers were left stunned as the paedophile teacher appeared at the prison gates just before the episode came to a close. 

The camera then panned over her huge pregnant belly before she slunk off into the shadows. 

Maya first slept with Jacob on his birthday back in March 2019 in what the twisted teacher called a birthday present to her teenage stepson.

The teacher then became more brazen as she slept with Jacob again – but this time with David asleep in the next room.

And only a few days later, Jacob arrived home with Liv only to hear David and Maya having sex upstairs.

Emmerdale fans know that Maya was sleeping with her boyfriend and his son pretty much at the same time – both could potentially be the father and it's likely she has no idea which one is the daddy.  

Fans took to Twitter to express their shock at the baby mystery.

One fan said: “Maya’s pregnant!! Wonder if Jacob or David is the father? #emmerdale.

Another added: “It's obvious that Jacob is the dad.”

Why was Maya released from prison early in Emmerdale?

Maya caused quite the scandal on the ITV soap when she groomed and abused the teen for almost a year. 

However, it looked like Maya’s game was finally up when she was whisked away by the police after David discovered her dirty secret and reported her. 

The twisted teacher was sentenced to a year behind bars after denying that she’d slept with Jacob in court. 

She was sent down instead for betraying her position at school and exchanging naughty texts with the teenager. 

However, the teacher was released after only five months – and in another shock twist came out of prison with child. 

Is Maya coming back to Emmerdale?

It’s not yet known if Maya will actually return to the village after viewers saw her at the prison gates with her pregnancy bump. 

And now that she’s pregnant it seems inevitable that her shadow will loom over the village in coming weeks.

But if it does turn out that she is carrying Jacob’s baby then she’ll have to stay well away from the village to avoid doing a much longer stint in jail – as the child could prove that she slept with the vulnerable teenager. 

Fans are desperate to know if Maya will actually be making a return to the village given this potential evidence that she slept with Jacob. 

One fan tweeted: "Maya's NOT actually coming back to the village though right? Especially given she'd immediately end up back inside if she went anywhere near Jacob or his home ever again #Emmerdale."

Another fan said: "Maya is being released?! So soon? Is she going to return to #Emmerdale at some point?"

Judging by her actions on Tuesday night's episode, in which she deleted Jacob’s number after receiving a lovesick voicemail from him, it looks like she doesn't want anything to do with her former pupil.

But how long will the paedo be able to resist before she gets her claws back into her stepson?

Emmerdale fans will have to tune in to the soap to find out if the villain returns to the village or makes a sensible dash for the hills…

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