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Why is Tom Malone Jr not on Gogglebox 2021?

GOGGLEBOX 2021 is back – but there's a familiar face missing from the lineup.

The Malone family has returned for series 18, but with a notable exception as Tom Malone Jr is not appearing on the show once again.

Why is Tom Malone Jr not on Gogglebox 2021?

26-year-old Tom Malone Jr is a choreographer and TikTok star, who has performed with the likes of Rita Ora, Fergie and Wiley.

He announced in February 2021 that he will no longer appear with his family on Gogglebox.

So after 6 and a half years it’s finally time to put down the remote, and to say goodbye to Gogglebox," he wrote on Instagram at the time.

"I’ve loved every minute and I’m eternally grateful to @channel4 and @studiolambert for allowing me to be a part of the show.

"But new opportunities are knocking on the door and it’s time to explore them.

"I look forward to enjoying the show as a viewer and not having to worry about having said something stupid.

"PS. Don’t worry my family @themalonesgb and @shaunmalone95 will still be on the show to keep you guys entertained every Friday.

"To the future."

Some speculated that Tom's decision came as show producers refused to let his girlfriend on the series.

But Tom made clear his girlfriend Bryony Briscoe had nothing to do with his decision to pursue other projects.

Writing on Twitter, the star said: "Just to clear a few things up: I didn’t “Quit” the show…I left on good terms.

"My girlfriend never even wanted to be on the show and had nothing I do with me leaving.

"I wasn’t scared to say something stupid. Anyone spouting these narratives are spreading fabrications."

Will the Malone family still be part of Gogglebox 2021?

Despite Tom's absence, the rest of the Malones will appear in series 18.

The family first appeared on Gogglebox in 2014.

In series 17, Tom and Julie's daughter Vanessa made an appearance on the TV in front of the TV.

When is Gogglebox 2021 on TV and how can I watch it?

Series 18 continues tonight (Friday, September 24) on Channel 4 at 9pm.

The episode will be repeated at 10pm on Channel 4+1.

All previous series are available to watch now on All 4.

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