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‘World’s gone crazy’ Antiques Road Trip expert gobsmacked by £37 chairs three-figure haul

Antiques Road Trip: James Braxton makes huge profit on chairs

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James Braxton and Irita Marriott were the two experts going head to head during Monday’s Antiques Road Trip as the pair headed off to Kent to try and unearth some gems to sell at auction. With £200 each, Irita and James got to work scouring the local area’s antique shops in the hopes of pocketing some serious cash when selling off in the auction room. And the BBC expert did just that with a pair of rattan chairs he put under the hammer after purchasing them for a modest £37. 

After securing their five lots each to put to bidders, James and Irita headed to Bourne End Auction Rooms to see how they’d fare.

James had spent the entirety of his £200 allowance on his five pieces, while Irita dished out £195.

“How do you feel about the auction?” James asked his co-star as they gathered at a bench to watch the auction play out via video link.

“I’m always nervous about it,” Irita admitted. “Always, because you just never know. What about you?”

Seeming more at ease, James replied: “Oh, I like the items I bought. 

“Whether I bought them the right price or not, we’re about to find out aren’t we?”

The pair shared a laugh before the first items went under the hammer – James’s rattan chairs.

Purchased for £37, the auctioneer wasted no time in starting the bidding way above the cost price at £50.

Starting at £50 from the get-go, the auctioneer’s decision prompted a stunned Irita to yell: “50 in!”

“Look at that,” she continued to shout as the auctioneer began to rattle off the towering bids on-screen.

James seemed equally taken aback, saying to his co-star: “This is uncharted territory!”

As the chairs surpassed the £100 mark, the experts’ disbelief only continued to grow, with Irita commenting: “Oh, my God! That’s fantastic.”

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But James was struggling to comprehend the success of his items, quipping: “Has the world gone crazy?”

Eventually, the gavel was slammed with the chairs having racked up £110 in the auction room.

“That’s very good,” a chuffed James said before adding: “Sort of vaguely embarrassing.”

“You’re not used to making money, are you?” Irita teased following James’s success as he sarcastically astrally replied: “No, I’m not.”

And the money-making didn’t stop there for James as the rest of his items continued to haul in impressive values.

So much so, he finished the episode with more than double his initial £200 spend.

Irita had also had quite an impressive day at the auction house, finishing with £301.84 in her pocket from her initial £195 spend.

James’s £586.30 total off of an initial £200 spend, however, placed him in good stead heading into the rest of the week.

Antiques Road Trip airs daily at 4:30pm on BBC One.

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