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Yellowstone 1883 cast: Who stars in the Yellowstone spin-off?

1883: Paramount Network release first look at new series

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Yellowstone fans have been excited for the prequel 1883 ever since it was announced by Paramount last year. The show will be expanding the universe of the series, exploring the origins of the Dutton family ranch. Several casting announcements have already been confirmed, and Tim McGraw’s James Dutton already made an appearance in a flashback in the main series. Here are the new additions to the cast.

Who stars in the Yellowstone prequel 1883?

John Dutton Sr (Young) – Audie Rick

John Dutton Sr is the father of John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) in Yellowstone.

Originally played by Dabney Coleman in the main series, the younger version will be played by child actor Audie Rick.

John will be the main bridge between the two shows, representing the generational legacy of the Dutton family.

Rick only has one other credit to his name – Kenobi: A Star Wars Story, an unofficial Star Wars short film in which he played Luke Skywalker.

Josef – Marc Rissmann

Josef is a European immigrant who is married to the previously announced Risa (Anna Fiamora).

They travel with an employed crew to guide his group across the American frontier.

Marc Rissmann is known for The Man in the High Castle and The Last Kingdom.

Rissmann is best known for his role in Game of Thrones, where he played Harry Strickland in season eight.

Ennis – Eric Nelsen

Ennis is a young but experienced cowboy who agrees to help escort a group of men, women, and children north.

They are on the search for a new home in the harsh frontier, with their inexperience proving to be a major hindrance.

The role is played by Eric Nelsen, with the star most recently being seen in FraXtur as Ace McMahan.

He is also known for appearing in The White Vault, The Bay, and The Affair.

Wade – James Landry Hebert

Wade is another one of the frontier men looking for a better life in the north.

He finds himself part of the main crew of caravan travellers, though it will be a dangerous journey to the north. 

James Landry Herbert plays the role of Wade and is best known for starring as Axel in Stranger Things.

He has also appeared in Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood, Westworld, and Gangster Squad.

Who has already been confirmed in the cast?

  • Shea Brennan -Sam Elliot
  • James Dutton – Tim McGraw
  • Margaret Dutton – Faith Hill
  • Marshal Jim Courtright – Billy Bob Thornton
  • Elsa – Isabel May
  • Thomas – LaMonica Garrett
  • Claire – Dawn Olivieri
  • Mary Abel – Emma Malouff
  • Grady – Alex Fine
  • Noemi – Gratiela Brancusi
  • Risa – Anna Fiamora
  • Guinevere – Nichole Galicia
  • Melodi – Stephanie Nur
  • Alina -Amanda Jaros
  • Colton – Noah Le Gros
  • Sam – Martin Sensmeier

Yellowstone season four continues Sunday, November 21 on the Paramount Network in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

1883 will debut on December 19, exclusively on Paramount+ in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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