Miriam Margolyes wreaks havoc on This Morning as she swears and shocks

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Miriam Margolyes has again proved she loves going rogue when live on air.

The 81-year-old actress, who often comes out with expletives and sexual innuendos during interviews, had no filter when dishing out advice to fans this week.

During an appearance on This Morning on Wednesday, Miriam was asked to act as an agony aunt, and her answers did not disappoint.

When speaking to one caller, the actress was questioned about how a girlfriend should speak to her partner, who is always watching videos on his phone.

Rather than share a measured response, like suggest a conversation, Miriam took things one step further.

‘What you could do is one day, when he comes home, you could be completely naked, and display yourself,’ she began.

‘Push up your breasts and show him what you’ve got and say, “Look at me and not that f***ing screen.’

As Holly mouthed sorry to the camera, Miriam made sure to clarify she hadn’t actually sworn.

‘I didn’t say it, I mouthed it,’ she said, leaning back in her chair and smiling.

‘Sorry anyway though, just in case you could understand what that meant,’ Holly jumped in.

However, as always, Miriam wasn’t quite done just yet.

Another viewer then had a dilemma for Miriam in regards to difficult neighbours, who were doing thing such as parking across her driveway.

‘It’s a problem with neighbours isn’t it because I have the same,’ she began.

‘They are very nice but noisy and they know it. It’s not like I am saying something they don’t know.

‘I think you need to go to them and say you really need to talk to them because my health is becoming affected and I am not happy, and that’s not fair is it.’

She continued: ‘And then if they are still like that, throw the s*** over the wall.’

As Josie burst out laughing Holly again mouthed sorry down the barrel of the camera.

Miriam then placed her hand over her mouth after realising she might be in a bit of trouble for that specific slip, with Holly telling her: ‘You felt so comfortable you forgot yourself for a moment there.’

The actress then apologised: ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean, anyway, I apologise.’

When returning later in the show Miriam again slipped up again when speaking about recently appearing in Vogue.

‘They only asked me because I am an old dy** that’s why but I was happy to take it,’ she said.

However, she quickly realised her mistake and questioned if she was able to use the word on air, an answer Holly and co-host Josie Gibson couldn’t answer either.

‘Oh an elderly lesbian instead. Can I stay that?’ she said while continuing her story.

When speaking about her sex life during the segment, Miriam also revealed she’d recently ‘steamed’ her ‘yoni’ while in Australia.

‘It’s your front bottom and it did me the world and it did me a world of good and was very nice,’ she said.

She then explained how she got a saucepan of mint that had been boiled and spread her legs and ‘other parts’, a process she said was ‘peaceful and pleasant’ and ‘awakened something that had been slumbering’.

However she added that sex was ‘no longer’ for her.

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV1.

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