Patreon Reveals Rebrand and New Creator Features

Patreon, known for its role in championing creator monetization, has unveiled a rebrand along with a variety of new features aimed at elevating connections between creators and their fans. The rebrand includes a redesigned mobile app and a new brand identity that marks a significant leap from its initial identity as a paid membership platform to a comprehensive creator-fan community hub.

At the heart of this rebrand is the introduction of community chats and a new feature named Commerce, which allows for creators to sell individual pieces of content like videos, audio and downloadable files to anyone, regardless of membership status. This feature had a successful soft launch back in July, with Patreon sharing that creators with early access have already welcomed over 160,000 new fans to their communities.

As for Patreon’s redesigned mobile app, it’s structured to provide a more intuitive and fan-centric user experience. Thoughtfully combating the common endless scroll format, the app organizes content by creator, giving fans a glimpse of the latest work alongside community conversations. This setup, Patreon believes, will offer fans a streamlined way to engage with both creators and other fans.

Additionally, the rebrand includes a dynamic new logo and wordmark, introducing fresh typography, color and photography approaches. The new branding is described as a “motion-first brand for a digital-first world,” aiming to challenge traditional media branding conventions. Itโ€™s tailored to adapt, allowing creators to personalize it, aligning with Patreon’s vision of creator ownership.

With these innovations, Patreon is looking to eliminate barriers between creators and their fans, building communities as opposed to transient interactions. Creators now have the freedom to design their Patreon space, defining how their posts appear and how their community interacts.

The new features are meant to act as a testament to Patreon’s decade-long commitment to empower creators financially. By evolving its platform beyond just a paid membership model, Patreon aims to usher in a future where creators have more control over their work and methods for further monetization while also building genuine communities.

Take a closer look at the rebrand and new features in the video below.

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