Bloke counts how many Celebrations in tub – and one chocolate crops up more

We all have favourite chocolates, which makes it tricky when you crack open a Christmas tub.

When there's a variety of different flavours all mixed up it can be hard to chose one. Sometimes you can even find yourself arguing with people over who's having which flavour.

With there being more of some flavours than others, it's always tricky business. And, when it comes to Celebrations, a big secret has been revealed.

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A man recently took the liberty of counting out all the chocolates in a Celebrations tub to see the average amount of each flavour. He posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) to share the results, and there were some pretty big findings.

He shared a picture of all the choccies he counted and found that, on average, there were 522 Celebrations in total average of 65.25 per tub. You could also see the individual flavours he counted out in separate tubs.

It seems that Snickers feature the most, with Galaxy and Caramels baring the lowest average. Some of the most popular flavours seem to be lacking in numbers.

Writing on X, the man, known as Charlie Murphy, wrote: "Caramel 48 – average of 6. Bounty 58 – average of 7.25.

"Milky Way 88 – average of 11. Twix 49 – in total average of 6.125. Malteasers 55 – average of 6.875.

"Snickers 89 – average 11.125. Galaxy 48 – average of 6. Mars 87 – average of 10.875. 522 in total average of 65.25 per tub."

Since he shared his findings people have been quick to comment about the results. People told him they were the stats we "gotta know", especially on the run up to Christmas.

One person said: "All this has achieved is telling me I’m going to be eating 65.25 celebrations on Christmas Day." Another wrote: "Great research. You'd think it would be all equal."

A third replied: "There’s something incredibly satisfying about this. Also, Bounty are a great chocolate bar."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Galaxy and Maltesers clearly the GOAT. They seriously snake you with these. Bought a 370g pouch the other day and got 2 Maltesers and 8 bounty. Scandalous."

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