Bride shares truth behind perfect pics and says all isnt as it seems

Influencer Bree Lenehan has been sharing photos of her wedding day online.

However, the Australian social media star, who is known for her honest and unfiltered snaps, was keen to show her 'real' pictures from the day – as well as the picture-perfect ones.

The brunette beauty told her 898,000 Instagram fans this week that there is a huge pressure on brides to look amazing in their wedding day photos – with "white teeth, clear skin, perfect brows and no wrinkles". However she said she wanted to show how she really looked without her professional hair and makeup team.

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Bree posted photos of herself unposed and makeup-free alongside snaps of her all done up in her wedding dress to show the transformation she went.These were captioned: 'The bride you saw', compared to 'The bride you didn't'.

One of the snaps saw her rocking a face mask, while in another she zoomed in on some spots she had. A further photo also drew attention to her 'wrinkles, dark eye bags and pores'.

Captioning the post, the stunner wrote: "The pressure to drop dress sizes, have clear skin, no wrinkles, white teeth, the perfect brows, lashes, nails, tan & lips is real most days, but especially leading up to your wedding day.

"And while the photos you see of someone on their wedding day are usually them with professional hair, makeup, tan and everything else (which I did have), I wanted to leave some REAL snapshots here to remind you that everyone has a version of them that you don’t always see online!"

She added: "I know that when my future children look at photos of their mum on her wedding day, I want them to see ME… the new wrinkle lines, my small lips, my real skin, my in-between moments and know that it’s okay to show up as yourself.

"Who you are without all the material things, praise, fancy hair or professional makeup is so much more than enough and a 'bad photo' doesn’t mean you have a 'bad body'.

"I post this series at the start of every week to remind you to be kinder to yourself and stop comparing as you scroll! Happy Real Me Monday – wedding day edition."

Fans were loving the post, with it racking up more than 69,000 likes from her followers. One exclaimed: "Thank you for being so real," while another added: "Congratulations and love these pictures."

Meanwhile, a third shared a lengthier message, as they wrote: "You inspire me so much. I got engaged yesterday and I’ve already said I’m not doing any of this! He’s proposed to me. Size 18, eye bags, stretch marks, annoying chin hair, tummy that looks six months pregnant at the sight of bread – me. Why on earth should the woman stood at the end of the aisle on the day be any different?"

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Despite being known for her unfiltered and body positive posts, Bree admitted back in July she hasn't always been so confident in her looks and even used to edit every single photo of herself before sharing it.

She wrote: "This body is ever-changing. I won’t subject myself to a lifetime of self-loathing or hiding myself… I am learning every day to accept myself, for every version of me to come."

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