Burger King teases return of iconic burger after huge demand from fans

Nothing devastates food fans more than when a popular dish is axed from the menu.

It happens from time to time as eateries like to mix things now and then, but sometimes those cherished favourites hold a special place in our hearts. This is why recent news should delight many fans.

Foodie fans have called on Burger King to bring back the beloved Bean Burger for years, and now it seems it may just be a possibility. The fast food chain has teased it's in for a big return leaving keen beans delighted.

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Burger King UK’s socials have been inundated since it was taken off menus, with one user writing: "PLEASE bring back the veggie bean burger." Another also said: "Where’s the bean burger?"

There’s even a petition calling for Burger King to put the fan-favourite back on menus nationwide, and it looks like it may just happen. That's because this week Burger King called on fans to confirm their appetite for this iconic comeback.

It shared the petition on social channels stirring excitement and speculation – with over a thousand Bean Burger lovers voting for its return. Giant ads have also popped up across the UK, cheekily reading "Bean and Gone – But Not For Long?" encouraging hungry passers-by to have their say.

Could it be too good to be true? Who knows? But it's got food fans more than excited. Burger lovers are thrilled, with many being keen to sign the petition.

It's not the only fast food news that's got people talking this week, as Subway also revealed some super tasty news. The chain announced the trial of two brand-new menu items – the Steak & Blue Cheese SubMelt and Steak, Raclette & Truffle SubMelt.

The tempting, new flavours will be available in select UK stores from November 29, and will be up for grabs while stocks last. They've been launched as part of Subway’s new Series menu.

Available as either a six-inch or a footlong, the two brand-new, extra cheesy SubMelts are set to tantalise taste buds. First up is the Steak & Blue Cheese SubMelt, which features creamy melted blue cheese, fresh red peppers, caramelised red onions and sweet onion sauce.

Also up for the taking is the Steak, Raclette & Truffle SubMelt , which comes packed with melted Swiss Raclette cheese, red peppers, caramelised red onions and a brand-new creamy Porcini Truffle Mayo.

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